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Successful physician in Baltimore. I am a sub in a bdsm relationship and have become her sissy
Slave/Domme Couple, 42/24,  Maryland US

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A Poly Household

Successful physician in Baltimore. I am a sub in a bdsm relationship and have become her sissy. My goddess is Vegas and she is kind and gorgeous and amazing. problems have arisen which seem solvable only through a poly amourous household. she has is bi and likes Attention like all women but I am having a hard time providing a sufficient amount of it. I also find my maleness interferes too much I need a lady to help soothe what I seem unable to. So I have the unique circumstance of a soon to be empty 5 bedroom house with a pool and I want to set it up as a community of slaves/submissives/sex servants for goddess. goddess and I will sleep in the main bedroom except when she elects to do have other bedmates. but she is basically naked and horny all the time. I’m hoping to find up to 6 kinky submissives to help form a community. as a sissy slut and a submissive like you I have needs. And a house with a bull or two, two female subs and a sissy slut to provide for the room and board we could have the possibility of almost any combination of sex. our parties would be epic and we could band together to try to make everyone’s life better. I believe in communal living. not looking for bulls too easy to find. Women make this go. I need to find bu female slaves/subs who understand how incredibly free and safe this environment could be to live out the life of our dreams.loval is better but I can fly you out for a trial week ir month and live in our place. But if no chemistry we part and if there is I can cover a move. Be fit. Be polite, be kinky, be 420 first riendly. Am I crazy or is this a great idea? Goddess Vegas is my profile pic and I’m her sissy nicole what do I get. Only what you and goddess would permit. But I’m in chastity and a humiliation junky so I’m happy to beat off in a closet and be laughed at. I’m no threat but I’m a gentleman and a kind intelligent gun guy so watch out I’m going to make you love me. Bulls to be selected based on ladies preference and likely local pull. Can email spoonwillyhumilateme. Address is yahoo and humiliate is spelled wrong as it’s what they had 🙂. Kik slavedochumiliateme

tumblr Slavedoc it get me here. I hope to find some sexy fun ladies. Couples I love being fuck by a man in front of his woman while I beg. Couples local contact me

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