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Wanted - sweet, anal loving sexually submissive monogamous woman. I very much enjoy passionate
Male Dominant, 34,  Albuquerque, New Mexico US

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Bisexual Female Switch
Age: 27
Location: Maryland
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Submissive Female

Wanted - sweet, anal loving sexually submissive monogamous woman. I very much enjoy passionately rewarding the right lady in my life. I'm seeking sexual compatibility foremost here at this time. I've searched for Ms Right with a combo of the sexual and emotional side I seek for years now and I'm feeling pent up. Local doesn't seem to be an option currently but if you're serious about passionate but limit pushing anal training sessions and want to travel I'll consider it. So sexual compatibility is my primary concern, but if there was potential for things to grow into a full relationship, I'd love that. For me, anal submission is the ultimate a partner can give me. The entire event done right takes time, patience, a gentle touch, and can be so rewarding once the woman just submits and relaxes. For both of us. I adore anal training women whom attract my attention physically and mentally. So much more than just anal sex. Fingering them there, playing with it, worshipping that part of her many men want nothing to do with that. I also find the bond and trust built through anal activities to be amazing. I also love showing those new to it all that it can in fact be amazingly wonderful with a man who has the experience, is patient at first, and cares to do it right. Even better to give a woman the most intense orgasm she's ever known in gratitude for a job well done. Anal can be amazing for both parties if done right and with patience in the beginning. I have the patience and experience to make sure it is pleasurable for both of us and I've seen it can bring women some incredibly intense pleasure and orgasms. Any girl can suck a cock or do some anal, I want someone whom enjoys serving and satisfying my urges. To me, being a good Dom or daddy means caring for my partners needs, pleasuring her in return for a job well done, and caring for and respecting her while pushing her limits. I do have an unfulfilled fantasy of having a lactating woman, drinking from her, and milking her. Also, yes, that's really me in the pictures.



Trying this after a year or two of frustrations trying to properly date and match in Abq. As I get older, finding a match that wants romance as well as kink is getting next to impossible. I'm human, I'm a sexual person, I have physical needs. I have experience in D/S relationships both through regular relationships that evolved into that, as well as meeting a couple of very giving partners on another fetish site in the past. But let me say that this isn't all I am in life. I don't define myself, my every waking moment as a Dom. I'm intelligent, have a good career, and enjoy doing normal things as well as kink. I get asked about my ummm, dimensions so I've posted sexual pictures here. I won't post my face in addition, I am a professional in a public facing job. I will share those photos privately if somebody is seriously interested in talking. I'm not into poly, not looking for chat, cyber, online relationships etc. I'm seeking something real. Please don't write me asking me to seriously hurt you, rape or sodomize you in a non fantasy and play fashion. I have zero interest. I enjoy my partner enduring discomfort for me, and I can give pain and enjoy some of that depending on the mood, but there's a line... Anywho...


Beyond my sexual side I cherish simple joys and pleasures. I'm kind of a nerd at heart, always have been. In my personal life I'm silly, sarcastic, sweet, intelligent, progressive, and definitely a bit differently minded compared to the average human methinks (not necessarily better or worse). I sleep in when I get the precious opportunity on the weekends whenever possible. My life is together, I have a good career etc. Looking for intelligent and sweet company to explore, laugh, smile and have fun with. I love to have fun and find life a waste if your can't manage to with the little bits of in between moments. Once, somewhat of a wild man I've decided to pursue doing more in life and and have settled down considerably the last five years or so. I would enjoy finding someone who is also at a relatively stable point in their life. Someone looking to actually spend some time together and enjoy each others company on multiple levels. Ideally I'd like to meet someone looking for the potential for things to be serious if it grew that way but for now some fun company would be a good start.

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5/26/2016 12:36:54 PM
Yes, I am real. Yes, that is really my cock, please stop asking. I am more than a big cock. Yes, I'm willing to travel or host someone coming here for Anal training, but I honestly won't just take on anyone. I'm also not looking for an hour of training one time only. Particularly if you are inexperienced this takes time, patience and effort on both our part. I am local to Albuquerque (Who wants Lotaburger?) local reference. This answers some of the questions I've heard more than once. Hope this helps.

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