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  Looking for a slim orally fixated houseboy/slave who is ready to make a move. You will
Male Dominant, 42,  Arkansas US

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Submissive Male


Looking for a slim orally fixated houseboy/slave who is ready to make a move. You will have two responsibilities. Keeping the chores done while I'm at work and keeping my balls drained while I'm at home.


You need to be into some rough throat treatment if you expect to please me. Think of my rod as a breath control device. ;-) I will want it and I will want it often.


I don't have any hangups on age or race. I just prefer slim/slender chaser type guys.

As for location, I live in NW Arkansas.   Doesn't really matter to me where you are, but understand up front that you will need to get here on your own. Once you're here, all of your basic needs will be met by me.


I'm not into cybersex and if I get the feeling that we're heading there, I am likely to lose interest pretty quickly. That said, feel free to inquire about the position and expectations if you think you fit what I'm looking for.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Be ready to prove you are real somehow.  I will choose the method, but if you aren't willing to do it, then please don't waste our time.  ;-)


Journal Entries:
6/17/2017 4:09:11 PM
It's sad to say but these days I an monumentally impressed by anyone who does anything they say they are going to do.

9/11/2015 4:15:26 AM
I try very hard not to be negative in my life. But if you aren't reasonably certain that a life of slavery/submission is a long term/forever goal for you, then save us both some time and leave me the fuck alone.

2/25/2015 4:05:58 PM
Just looking for one tried and true 100% unadulterated submissive.  A bottom will never be able to fully please me.  And if you can prove to me that you know the difference between a bottom and a submissive when you first message me, you will automatically get bonus points.  

I'm looking for something real.  Sure, I could bore you with the list of into's and not into's, but at the end of the day, something needs to be left for conversation.  Therefore, this message will only contain what I like.  If you're interested, you can find out on your own what I don't like.  

Let's start with the deal breakers.  Here's your chance to run if you so choose.  

1.  I am a healthy and undetectable HIV+ top.  I didn't acquire the disease through traditional means but that doesn't matter.  I acquired it.  And today, it lives with me.  Your status doesn't matter to me.  But if you approach me (or anyone else for that matter), you should do so with an education behind you about what you're getting yourself into.  *bug chasers need not apply*

2.  I enjoy oral service WAY more than anal.  Refer to paragraph one of this post if this is a problem for you.  ;-)

3.  Physically, I am most attracted to my physical opposite.  I'm a big daddy bear (6ft 260).  I prefer thin trim toned guys.  So if you're over 250 lbs, that's awesome.  But if we're going to have sex, you need to also be about 11 feet tall please.  

So now that's out of the way.  Let's talk about fun stuff.  

I'm often asked if I want a slave or a bf that I dominate.  And truthfully, I don't want to be pigeon holed into either one.  What I want is something real.  And reality is a bit of a ridiculous thing sometimes.  

Sure, there's a part of me that could get into having you locked in a cage in the basement waiting for me to take you out and use you before locking you up again.  But that's not a requirement for me.  Sure, there's a part of me that could get into a relationship of an equal nature, but that could never be a complete reality just because of the way my own head works.  The first time you told me no, I'd be done.  I'd lose interest.  I know this about myself and this is something that whoever I end up with is going to have to be able to deal with.  

So what am I looking for?  Someone who's crazy meshes well with my crazy.  But someone who knows that look in my eye and what I expect when they see it.  A real connection. 

From a kink perspective, I enjoy impact play of all types.  Some bondage but I will admit a boy who serves me freely, eagerly, and willingly is ten times more of a turnon than one who is tied up with no chocie.  Some have told me before that what I really want is a wife who just so happens to be a man.  I suppose I can agree with that.  

But most importantly, I need someone who will stop at NOTHING to please me.  Someone who doesn't feel at peace with themselves until they've either heard me moaning in pleasure or heard me say those two favorite words, "good boy".  Someone who will work all day either at home or at a job then spend an entire evening on their knees in front of my easy chair just because they know it makes me happy.  Someone who will sacrifice their own comfort and even dignity because I am their purpose.  

Some call this type of relationship selfish, but they don't understand the needs of a true sub as I do.  And if you come to be with me, I will promise to meet ALL of those needs.  And you will promise to meet all of my desires.  It really is that simple.  

If you think you have what it takes, I hope you will message me.  

Be well!


1/3/2014 9:28:01 AM

Are you beneath me?  Maybe. 

Will I use you for my own pleasures and desires?  Absolutely.

Will I make you feel pain for no apparent reason?  Of course.

Does that mean I don't want to see a smile on your face?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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