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Wanted a True EROTIC  Woman. :) �One whom can state her needs & will, I take command to
Male Dominant, 44,  Massachusetts US

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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 28, Height: 5ft 1in (155 cm), Weight: 108 lbs.
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Last on 10/31/16 at 11:58 AM









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Wanted a True EROTIC  Woman. :)
�One whom can state her needs & will, I take command to create a Grand scene / session, relationship  time .�
�I am a  Dom looking for A Sub/ slave Lady I guide, lead, take an Care�to show the Erotic world to, all while developing something that is real.

A Woman whom likes to Dress for Evening in or out. Lips that are to be desired an nibbled then put to good uses.Kissing is not a thing to rush but a Rush to be felt.

Yes Have a�several Fetish's an like to have them explored.
Are you that Woman???
I've a love for long hair, goths, tattoos, piercings, Anything else, ask.  woman..all woman have traces that are erotic .

�Open >straight> willing to experiment�> I am hope you are as well..Fit Male Pro cyclist in need of Hormonal Releases that have a deep range of taste and desire.looking for a real partner !
�D&D free please , Honesty is best an No means no.�
�Will share other photos when time is correct .

Fit male looking for escape the norm..
Smart Lady s wanted with no games for Erotic play and kindly nights out.

want to find someone that realizes that just because you are comfortable with your sexuality does not mean you will screw anything that walks. And I realize that there is more to a woman then her vagina.

I am on this site to find someone who is open minded..This does not mean I am Bi.

I will tell you right up front that I am an extremely picky man..I am tired of dealing with the at the 3rd sign of BS I am out..

Fit Male/ Clean trimmed (shave body parts for racing) Piercings ( nipples an PA)
D/D free, blonde, corrective vision,educated several times over, Dark humor, Sane! an as one person put it NO Drama..

My Ideal Person: Eroticism begins in the brain and washes over the body, stimulated by imagination, creativity, visuals, desire, fantasy, ideas and forethought. BDSM is not JUST about sex..... it is spiritualism..... it nourishes a hungry soul, it feeds dreams and needs, it replenishes fantasy and ideals, it restores lust and transforms thru expression, testing, power exchange, trust and endurance. It is an expression of ones personal style and need. It is an exploration and a journey. This is My Journey. Power play... power exchange.... exploration of interests, needs, desire ... focused thought and energy..... and the intimation of another...... thru the same pathways... finding each others souls... connecting.. nurturing... feeding..... helping..... protecting.... trusting... initiating... allowing.. trying.. pushing.... testing... giving... taking... enduring. All verbs of human experience. The Physical. The Mental. The Emotional. The Spiritual. All are possible within this World. The personal depth is up to Me...... and you.

�Thank you kindly for looking Write�I dare you�to.. LOL�>)

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11/8/2017 9:12:04 PM
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