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I've been so pleased with sissy gurls, that I'm looking for cd or ts sissy gurls only (or thos
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I've been so pleased with sissy gurls, that I'm looking for cd or ts sissy gurls only (or those that aspire to that) that want to serve, to know the feel of control over their sissy gurl sex by a dominant male. New is fine (though age does factor in, especially the age at which you begin seriously CDing and identifying and working to enhance your appearance as a gurl, so if you're over 50 and looking to begin as a gurl without ever having CDed or identified as a gurl mentally in the past, then it probably isn't going to work out), as long as you show up as agreed and let yourself give in to your need to be handled by a dominant man for His pleasure. No players or fakes, just those that have reached the point where they know what they need and that they need someone to guide them. Not looking for 24/7 or live-in, just once in a while. I don't care if you're married either, just that you can serve to please Me as an attractively feminized gurl. 


No cyber, no phone, nor you moving here, I'm not interested in switches at all.  No more Leave it to Beaver "gosh Wally, would you use Me sexually too?" naievete either. I'll use you in the ways that please Me, unless it's a limit or limits I agree to accept and if you claim to be seeking to serve Me as a "slave", you better not have more than a handful of hard limits. Don't waste My time by freaking out after emailing Me for days by suddenly being "appalled" at the thought of having to wear womens panties for the trip here if that's what I tell you to do. Leave the guilt trips at home too. I don't want to see or hear them.


Be prepared to send a relatively current picture of yourself dressed and made up as a properly sexy sissy gurl.  Gurls should be as smooth as possible. And I don't want to hear "I don't have a digital camera", that excuse has gotten very threadbare. Dollar stores now sell cheap digital cameras. No pic, no meeting, no session.

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12/6/2013 6:16:40 PM

I need to take a bit of a break from this for a while.

10/15/2011 8:14:58 PM

If any women, be they Domme, submissive, or slave, or *serious* TV's, TS's, TG's, or CD's are interested in furthering the complete feminization of My sissy slut gurl, born2srvtv, feel free to contact Me. I am especially interested in talking with those who feel they can assist in the finer points of make-up application, correct deportment, erotic bondage, maid (with an emphasis on serving well in intimate social gatherings) and strap-on education of My gurl. Such activities will *always* be done under My direct supervision, I do not send My submissives out for "training" by anyone.

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