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I am not here looking to find an internet or texting relationship. I am not here to find a fi
Male Submissive, 56,  Virginia US

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 Submissive Male


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Dominant Female

I am not here looking to find an internet or texting relationship.

I am not here to find a findomme.

I am not here to find a polyamorous relationship.


If you are a lady that is after those things I am not what you seek. I do not understand the mindset of a man that starts sending money to a woman because she talks down to him and demands he pay her. The girl in the photo may not even be the person you send the money to.


Please read my profile and anything you might find in my journal. The profiles with the beautiful girls in latex from the United Kingdom should not bother with me. I do not know if you are really that girl and if you are, I am not interested in paying a professional.




Recently divorced. Seeking a person to be with that wants to be dominant in the relationship. I am not looking for an unrealistic match. I do want to find someone that can match with me on enough levels that we might be able to build something new that we can both enjoy. I won't make big statements about what I want or being a slave or being submissive. I hope someone out there is interested in doing some exploration. I have a good career and am a private person. 


If you are out there, send me a message. Who knows, maybe it will be the start of something new for both of us.

Journal Entries:
7/11/2017 10:07:50 AM
I have started to understand just how many fake profiles are here. By fake I mean they are here to chat online. Men that want to get off and women that want money. I am here find something different. A few ladies have contacted me that are the real deal. One in particular (you know who you are) has been very gracious to me. She has walked me through the reality of how things work here.

I was married for 27 years. I earned a good living and my wife proved she could spend faster than I could earn. To her credit, as a vanilla woman she did her best to satisfy my fetish for bondage, latex and surrendering control. She hated it all but I guess she loved me enough to try.

I am not that guy that will make ridiculous promises about how I will serve you and submit to you. If you are the right woman I think I will be your right man. Maybe just a FLR or maybe a Domme/sub or maybe a literal OWNER/slave.

Yes for the right woman I would probably be a slave. I would probably be willing to be kept as a prisoner in a cage or in a latex gimp suit.

Also for the right woman I might just be a sub. At least in part I was responsible for my marriage not working. I know I always wanted a woman in charge but I never had it.

Age is not a factor, but I am realistic. The greater the age difference the greater the difference in ways of thinking, in world views, in energy levels. Maybe you and I are perfect and you are 25 years old. Maybe you are 60.

If you took the time to read this far, there must be something I have said that interested you.

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