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Read my entire profile and journals before contacting me!!!   Ideally I would enjoy having a
Female Dominant, 26,  Nevada US

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Submissive Male

Submissive Trans

Read my entire profile and journals before contacting me!!!


Ideally I would enjoy having a real life chastity/cuckold slave, but nothing will happen over night.


That means I am after online chastity slaves only, so if you are after online only then feel free to message me. If you do want something real, and you can prove your self then maybe (but probably not) someday I might meet you. So dont even ask to meet, be happy with what you get and if I want to meet I will ask.


Before you message me have a chastity device, if you need to order one then wait until you have received said device to message me. In your first message you will place the chastity device on a peice of paper with "Chastity Kate" written on the paper. I dont want to see any uncontrolled cocks, and that control begins once you have a proper lock. Any message without the photo I asked for will get you blocked. In your first message you should also include your name, age, your experience with chastity (if any), and a little about your vanilla life/hobbies.


Make no mistake you will cover the costs of the plastic locks and shipping. You are obviously free to tribute me anything you want (provided you cover my needs), but I am only asking a reasonable fee to handle your chastity. You should also know that you will not be my only chastity slave, I love locking men up and taking control. Any man who will follow my chastity schedule and is obedient can apply to be my chastity slave.

Journal Entries:
8/24/2017 12:08:39 AM
My birthday is in September!  Any slaves want to contribute to an expensive sex toy for my birthday?  Maybe if you are really good I might even let you watch me use it :)

8/14/2017 11:48:18 AM
If you are a dominant I want NOTHING to do with you, I dont mind talking to female dominants about the lifestyle, but I am not a submissive or a switch and will never change.  More than likely that also means I want nothing to do with the switches, but I am not ruling them out 100%.  

I have also recently added transsexuals to my want list, but I am very picky with transsexuals.  I am not a fan of sissies, so if you are not under 40 and 100% passable I will want nothing to do with you.  

And finally, not to leave anyone out..... men where on my profile does it say I am a whore?  I am not a prostitute, cam girl, or anything else of the sorts.  I do not work for you, you work for me.  It does not matter how much money you offer me, I will not get on cam and perform your particular fetish.  I am looking for submission.

It also should not need to be said, because it is in my profile already, but if you do not send the photo I asked for in your first message to me then simply do not message me.  You are not special, you are not exempt from this rule. 

7/31/2017 9:49:19 AM
So one of the earlier messages I got on here was some one who couldnt read telling me findom was not allowed.  I never claimed to be a findom.  The only thing I asked was that chastity slaves cover the expense of the lock and shipping.  Yes I did mention if you wanted to send me more that was perfectly acceptable, because what woman dosnt love to be spoiled, but it certainly wasnt a requirement.  I dont know exactly how much shipping a plastic lock would cost, it kind of depends on where you live, but I know it is not much.  Even if you live half way around the world it still wouldnt cost much.

Then I have had other messages saying "I already have numbered plastic locks", and I get that.  What you potential slaves need to understand is that I enjoy the lock that prevents you from using that little cock once was in my hands.  It is very much a turn on, the only thing that could possibly turn me on more is physically locking the device myself.  As I have already stated though, I dont meet people online easily.  

Then the biggest thing that irritates me is the number of men who can not read, and ignores the only thing I ask for when contacting me.  It is a pretty simple request, prove you actually own a chastity device.  If you cant follow that one simple request, how are you going to follow the many others I give you?  Which brings me back around to the findom thing........

I have read countless other profiles, and it has amazed me how many women on here ask for money.  I kind of get why they do this now.  Because of the endless messages I am now asking that anyone who contacts me send a $20 Amazon gift card in there first message.  I pretty much do all my shopping possible on Amazon.  So a gift card is more or less as good as cash, and I will treat it as such and apply the balance to any cost associated with shipping you a lock.  This will let me know who is serious and who is not, and if you are not serious you are not worth my time.  Once again I do not consider this findom, $20 could get you many locks (depending on where you live).  I simply enjoy locking men in chastity.  

PS, just because you apply to be a chastity slave does not mean you automatically become one.  As long as you are polite and obedient, there is a 99% chance that you will at least get the first lock.  

7/30/2017 3:13:27 AM
My block button sure is getting used a lot, men read a profile!  If you cant follow a simple direction in my profile, how could you possibly ever serve me?

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