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Smooth younger males, boys/bois, that know that they are beta males, know their cocks aren't g
Male Dominant, 63,  Memphis, Tennessee US

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 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 250 lbs






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Submissive Male

Submissive Trans

Smooth younger males, boys/bois, that know that they are beta males, know their cocks aren't going to impress any women, like the feel of silk panties, lingerie, stockings, garter belts, or feel that they need a private place they can go to find out about cross dressing for a dominant man and being used as a sissy gurl for his pleasure. Check your testosterone at the door, you're a bitch for a man when you cross that threshhold. Prepare to have your gender bent so that it never bends all the way back. No whining, no refusal to wear panties when told to every day. No whining when that useless cock is locked up and you have to learn to use other skills to get your pleasure. You don't deserve to pretend to be a man, sissy, you failed at it, now you can redeem yourself by being remolded into the gurl you know you really are.


Overwhelmed with the response. Thank you for the interest, but I no longer have the time to reply to those who do not fit the profile I am seeking. No non-smooth, no one over mid-50s at the oldest (and in the case of older than 40ish, only the rare exceptions that have obviously been dressing, and doing it well, for most of their adult life). If you don't fit what I seek and apply don't expect a response. Those that don't fit and keep applying will be blocked to stop My mailbox from constantly overflowing.


I am not entirely sure everyone understands, but the elegant sissy gurl in My profile pic is not Me, she served Me for a time as My bimbo sissy submissive.


Not interested in those who want to be supported and avoid life as an alternative to their parents' basement. Don't have money to pay for sex changes, moves, boobs, feminization drugs, etc. If you can't get here to Me, and support yourself financially, please don't bother. If you aren't ready to meet, or won't be after some acquaintance talking here or in email don't reply. Be drug and disease free.


I DO NOT text, cyber, or do phone. I do real time only. Not interested in indulging wannabes with masturbation material. 

Have, and be prepared to send, a pic of yourself femmed or that shows off your naked feminine body attributes as part of your first reply. I'm not investing any more time in those who won't.

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