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I am a 'natural Dominant' who has been involved in the lifestyle for My entire adult life. I a
Male Dominant, 50,  Wyoming US

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 Dominant Male


 5' 10"

 175 lbs





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Submissive Female

A Poly Household

I am a "natural Dominant" who has been involved in the lifestyle for My entire adult life. I am looking for a slave between 18-35 years old without children for a LT-TPE relationship as well as the chance to make some new friends within the BDSM community.


 I am strong, intelligent, confident, decisive, durable and steadfast. I consider Myself to be a very loving, kind, romantic, and caring gentleman who conducts Himself with integrity and Class. In My house there is always time for laughter, fun, enjoying the sun, exploring the world, and some teasing every now and again. I am very active and a POSITIVE person. In short, I am real, down to earth, quick to smile and looking to make the most of My life and yours!


 As a Master I enjoy Total Power Exchange the most, focusing on the mental and psychological side primarily. I enjoy play but more often it is sensual in nature with some pain mixed in.


 As a Master I see myself as a teacher, mentor, guide, coach and the greatest supporter of My slaves. I take My M/s relationships very seriously. To Me, a collar stands for the love a Master has for His slave and a lifetime commitment.


 I am poly and believe this situation can be a positive for all involved.


 My expectations and rules are very clear, though I believe that it is through training and love that you ultimately learn to serve and obey your Master. The greatest gift a slave/sub can give is her submission, which leads to Trust, Honesty, Openness, Respect, Obedience and Devotion, which are of the utmost importance.


 I look forward… to the possibilities. If you have question? I would encourage you to ask. Thats the only way to get an answer.

Journal Entries:
9/7/2017 5:12:41 PM
You asked for my advice...? Heres a novel idea. If you want all the low life and pretenders on here to stop sending you their stupid shit! Try being you! Remove all that cut and paste nonsense you have posted. Any moron with half a brain can cut and paste. Post some tasteful pictures of yourself clothed, maybe a couple of bathing suit pictures.  The other thing, write an actual profile! Demonstrate  to them you are on the next level! The idea is to find a Master/Mistress that has the ability to take responsibility for you. Not some 20 something still living in mommy and daddy's basement wanting to call themselves a Master/Mistress. Although there is a word for people like that. It's called "pathetic!" If it's not what you were wanting to hear, you should not have asked! 

9/5/2017 4:36:53 AM

Being a master, Dom, or top is more than telling someone, what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. It's about responsibility and ownership. 

 It's about making sure your slave is healthy. What do I mean by healthy? I mean both physically and mentally. How can you expect someone to serve you, if they are unwell, whether physically or mentally, it is your responsibility to be concerned about their well-being. 

 I am going to add a caveat here. 

 To any sub/slave, do not read too much into the above statement. Break my rules, I will punish you! Repeatedly break my rules, I will break your will!

 With that being said.

 My slaves are provided medical & dental insurance, they're supplied with a small allowance, their given the use of a car, they're provided with a computer, phone and an iPad to use (all monitored) as long as they are mine. 

 An examples of the level of control I exert over my slaves. They are not permitted to work out side of the home. I decide what they wear, where they go, who they talk to, if they're permitted to look a person in the eyes. I decide how they wear their hair. To name but a few. 


In short, I demand total servitude.

9/4/2017 12:09:55 PM
Dvd, To answer your question. I would say 70-75% of the alleged sub/slaves here are posers, scammers or are suffering from fifty shades fever, 10-15% are talkers, 5% or so have gotten this site confused with match or some other dating sight. That leaves about 5 to maybe 10% of the sub's as legitimate. 

8/31/2017 2:16:09 PM
Hearing a lot of big talk... seeing absolutely zero follow through.

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