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any messages that include an explanation of how you think you can please me (rather than
Male Dominant, 27,  Washington D.C. US

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 Dominant Male

 Washington D.C.

 6' 0"

 165 lbs






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Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

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any messages that include an explanation of how you think you can please me (rather than simply wanting to) will get a faster and better response.


Yes, the profile photos are me. Will verify if there's doubt - I know there are countless fake accounts floating around, and I have no issue showing that I am above that nonsense. 


Bottom line - I am a natural-born Alpha, the whole package and then some: intelligence, charm, looks, charisma, ambition, potential, etc. I enjoy having control and power. I enjoy when others want to give me control and power. I am an Alpha-Dominant personality and expect to be treated as such. Happy to connect with other Alphas, there are so few of us out there and it's worth making a connection.


Don't let my age fool you, I have a fair amount of experience both online and in person. I am a gentle and caring type of Dominant, but I have a strict and aggressive side when needed. You decide what you're looking for and how well you'll behave.


Happy to talk with many different types of subs - just remember to be respectful and be willing to meet my needs. I did not create this profile to simply fulfill your kinky fantasies with no gratification of my own. I will train, discipline, push, reward, guide, teach, explore, test, etc... but do not confuse your satisfaction with mine. I do not "get off" on unsolicited pictures or watching you satisfy yourself.


Since some people tend to question my sexuality, I am a true bisexual. -- While my interactions differ between men and women, I care less about what's between the legs than what is in the mind. Also, I am never looking for a one-time hookup... someone like me does not turn to the internet to get laid. I tend to favor the psychological nature behind it all.


 If you have more questions - ask them

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