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Updates after first paragragh    � Single Dom 48 tall attractive. I live in
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Updates after first paragragh 


� Single Dom 48 tall attractive. I live in the country and looking for someone for roleplays and other bdsm activities. I like outdoor bondage and play. Looking for someone to be my pony, puppy, or hucow. All of which I have done before. Also someone for domestic would be good. I am open to other things as well. Tell me a little about yourself and what you are looking for.


I am going to put some examples of things here. Nothing is set in stone all depends on limits desires and my mood at the time. I like to keep it interesting and not do the same thing in the same place every time.


The pony and hucow would be housed in a stall in a climate controlled building. The pony mostly would be a cart/work pony. I haven't gotten into show ponies put it is something I may do in time. The cow would be milked at least twice a day. For a 24/7 pet there would be times of boredom and times of intense use.

       The puppy would be more of a companion. It would be running around the house or out for a walk outside with me. Could be laying on my lap on the couch being pet. Riding around in the pickup. When I am gone the puppy may be left to run around the house. More than likely it will be in a cage, kennel, or on a chain outside.


Bondage and other things.

With all the different buildings here there is a 100 different ways to be used. Beams, gates, walls, hooks, pullies, hoists, vice, trees. Things inserted into you when tied in place or that will keep you in place. Have you as a piece or artwork or statue blindfolded or hooded kept in place by being tied or something inserted or both.

Put in a position that you have to keep yourself and if you tire and move you will be shocked, go down on something sharp, or if going down into a fresh cow pie is your thing.

Have a timer set up so water or sand runs out of a bucket or something and when enough gets there you are shocked, something sharp, or the cow pie. You will be able to watch as the time runs out knowing when it does something is going to happen.

     If you are into getting dirty there are different things I can due with that. Mud, dirt, or something else. Walk you through it or make you lay and roll around in it.

     Concrete block cell.


 With none of that do I mean anything with real animals. Drugs, eating scat, cutting, underage.

Can do a hunt. Dump you off at an old farm building site with trees at night. Then I wait a bit and go hunt you down. When I catch you I rip your cloths off tie you naked over a big tree laying over. Cut a thin branch off a tree and lay it across your bare ass a few times. Hogtie you and throw you in the back of the pickup and take you home.

Journal Entries:
8/24/2017 4:46:57 PM
Let me know what you think. It seems to me that most all the sub and slave training that people do is really slut training. I know some of them are going to be trained as a slut But I don't think that should be the focal point of all. What are your thoughts?

7/8/2017 4:57:48 PM
It is Because they are looking for what they want and don't want someone to just tell them what they want to hear so no surprises later.
I was thinking I have so many interests and things I can do it would be faster for them to tell me what they are wanting to narrow it down and go from there.
I will update my profile with more info to give an idea.

7/6/2017 10:26:09 AM
It puzzles me why a lot or most seems like sometimes say that if the Dom, Master, top or what ever asks them what they want and like that they really aren't what they say they are.
If that's the case all we should need to do to the so called slaves is send them a message saying that    " You Look Like You Will Do "    and make arrangements to get together. Are they really not a slave or a sub? Seems like all they want is an erotic story told to them.

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