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Thank you for reading this :) I am a little and I see myself somewhere between 2 and 3 (able t
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Thank you for reading this :) I am a little and I see myself somewhere between 2 and 3 (able to walk and talk but still in diapers). I am perfectly comfortable being a little prince or princess for a loving Daddy or couple. For me being a little is mostly non-sexual and is more about being close to someone and feeling loved and cared for. I am many things though other then just a little and a diaper lover. I am a furry (non sexual), Somewhat of a sissy (really love the idea of being turned into a baby girl, but I still happy being a baby boy), Into bdsm as a sub (doesn't have to be part of my relationship but would be fun). For Diaper use I typically just wet, I cant really mess unless forced to, just cant get over the icky-ness even though I know I should. Outside of the little stuff and kinky interest I have several interesting things about me. I am a fully credited computer repair technician trying to start his own business. I love playing card games like MTG and Kaijudo. I love anime and cartoons but Also like shows such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, and the original McGyver just to name a few. Favorite Cartoon movie is Lion King and Non-Cartoon movie is Dead Poet Society. I Cant list everything about me here that take to long and most people wouldn't read it but if you wanna know more about me feel free to ask anything and I will answer. Will not pay tributes.
Thank you for your time :)


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