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I figured it was about time I updated my profile, as my desires have evolved a bit.   I
Male Dominant, 35,  Ohio US

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Submissive Female

I figured it was about time I updated my profile, as my desires have evolved a bit.


I’m still looking for someone younger, I’m 35, and older than me typically doesn’t work as well as younger.  It feels as if it goes against the whole ‘daddy dom’ thing, and I also tend to like someone who hasn’t had multiple masters/doms/owners/whatever in the past.  I can get past it, but it’s not ideal.  That being said, if we are similarly aged, or you’re a bit older, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be an ideal fit.  Each person is different, and I am willing to talk with or consider anyone. 


Aside from being younger, I think it’s important that you be physically fit/attractive.  As I’m sure that would be important for you.  Sexual chemistry starts with physical attraction, so there needs to be at least a mutual interest. 


I want someone that can be a lady when needed, and a slut when it’s desired.  Not strictly dom/sub in the bedroom, but for this to be able to proceed into a LTR, I would need to be able to take you out with friends, to social functions, etc. and have you be able to be the pretty girlfriend/wife. A 1950s type lifestyle is nice.  The man being the head of the household, the woman being submissive to him.  Wouldn’t mean you wouldn’t be allowed to work, and it wouldn’t mean that I would never cook (I actually enjoy cooking), but I assume you don’t need me to tell you what a 1950’s household is.


So that’s what I’m looking for.  What I offer:  I’m well educated (doctor isn’t just in my name, it’s actually my profession), good looking.  I’m not going to steal women from George Clooney, but I’m no troll either.  I like sports, cooking, reading, movies, etc, all the same BS everyone likes.  I can be a loving dom, but also a firm-handed dom.  I enjoy punishing if it’s needed, and caressing when it’s earned.  I have pictures and a webcam, so proof of who I am is not an issue.


Hope to hear from you.





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