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I'm what you never knew you wanted.       The perfect diaper change.. &nbs
Male Dominant, 47,  Erie, Pennsylvania US

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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 23, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 115 lbs.
Location: Denver, Colorado
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I'm what you never knew you wanted.




The perfect diaper change..



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12/15/2013 4:38:15 AM

I'm what you never knew you wanted.

7/15/2013 3:47:35 AM

My Ideal Person: My Dom has given me much pain and pleasure. He is quite skilled and I adore him completely. Too add to my lists of pleasures he has given me a shower and now a wonderful bath. Oh who knew that getting clean could be soo much naughty fun.
I ran the water bubbles and of course the lights would have to be on, blazing light.. he does love to see everything. As I stepped in my skin absorbed the heat from the water. As I sat he poured delicious cupfulls of hot steamy water over my back and covered me with the intesity of hot lava.
First he washed my a loving father careful not to get soap or water in my eyes I arched my back letting the bubbles cascade down beind me. After he rinsed all the shampoo away he condiioned my hair and started to clean my skin..his hands soapy and wonderful covering my body. I stood for him my heart pounding in my chest. I love his touch and as the cool air hit my warm body dripping with water my nipples got hard and my pussy filled with its own sweet wetness.
I turned to face the was giving him my back he washed and caressed it gently. As he moved down to my ass he covered it with soap and bubbles in sweet slow movements. I could feel his hand on my pussy..his fingers on my clit. Rubbing it and making it clean and dirty both at the same legs spredding wider for him. Giving him room to work. My head slowly moved down and my ass out..Oh God..he made me cum so hard I was dripping, squirting like rain drops into the knees got so weak I nearly fell back into the water.
Gaining my composure and with the help of my sweet SIR TED. I was seated again with cascades of water falling over my head rinsing the conditioner away. Again his hands found my pussy wet and wanting..
I laid my head back and just let him touch me, rub me, enter me. It felt so good I came and came and came. My brain went dizzy, I know I had been holding my breath and from the boom boom sound in my ears to the flush feeling that filled my face and pounding of my heart it may have been for almost too long. I could barely focus his face was close. His eyes wide and his broad smile made me feel warm and wanted. "Time to wash your face little girl."
He helped me out of the tub and handed me a towel. I may never think of a bath the same way again. SIR TED..YOU ARE GOOD CLEAN FUN.

9/11/2012 4:26:06 AM

    FORMER SUB has written...My first meeting was orchestrated down to very intimate details. The fact that he allowed the meeting to happen 2 days early only hightend my excitement. As I sat in the bar drink in hand taking quick inventory of my attire.."did I remeber everything?" "would I be visually pleasing?" I am on time, early beer tasted particularly yummmy as my belly did flip flops.."dont drink too fast" I reminded myself. He enters the building, this tall stranger whom I've been sharing my deepest darkest desires too. He smiles, I can tell he is pleased with me.
We walk to a table me leading the way so he can view me from behind. As we sit and chat conversation comes quite easily..I show off my tattoos and he inspects me as best as one can in public. My dress is small and I'm almost naked under except for panties worn as was his special request.
We talk more about my on line activies, my past experiences, what I am looking for and what he expects of me. His eyes are captivating. He stares at me very intently sometimes its hard to concentrate on what I'm saying. Beer and more beer, I start to relax a little more and my words flow while my personality blooms in front of him.
"It is time" he quietly requests my panties to be taken off and handed to him over the table. This is a tricky move that excites me as I hand them to him and feel the cool air rush past my pussy it makes me shiver and hot at the same time.
I am in need of displine, structure, training and need to perfect my skills at pleasing a Dom. He is quite pleased that I am able to catch on quicky even though this is my first "real time" situation. While we talk he touches my hands and wraps his legs around mine, He has my total attention. I am tring to absorb every word and remember all that he has already told me on how to please him.
I am a slut, a hot little slut in need of hard play. My language is an issue and I feel that my mouth will evntually get me punishments I may not enjoy. This topic alone makes my heart beat out of my chest. He excuses himself and leaves me to sit alone only to return sliding his hand up my dress while his lips grant me a small tender kiss.
He says he can smell me, can tell that I am hot..the sent of my throbbing pussy is pleasing to him and although I am not wet yet I can feel my heart beat in every fiber of my body. Some more talk another beer and it is time to go. "Is it over?" I wonder "Is that all?" I think.
No, he takes my hand and leads me to his vehicle parked directly infront of the entrance in very plain sight. Beside another parked car he opens his door, pushed me against the frame exposes my ass to the cold air and slaps its..Nice firm slapps enough to start my leggs to quiver as I am about to fully enjoy this expositin, forgetting where I am for the moment hoping for still more harder slapps, he stops. "Get in."
This should be dangerous, warning signals should be going off in my head. "get in the car with a strnager?" Stranger Danger has always eluded me so into the truck I climb. His hands are quickly at my hot throbing pussy. My brain is swimming as he showers me with kisses and slides his fingers inside. Before I am aware it is happening my breasts are fully exposed and he is giving my nipples delicious pinches and twists, his fingers rub me til I cum and his mouth bites me hard and fast making me forget for small moments that we are sitting in plain view of anyone entering or leaving the building.
He gives me a small break. As I catch my breath and collect my thoughts he keeps me from returning totally to reality with his powerful and slightly demanding gaze. When he starts again my nipples already sore from the first time send hot electrical current straight down to my wet pussy where he is again starting to work those magic fingers deep inside me. My body goes ridged..I hold my breath and hold my breath, my head starts to swim..My nipples how they scream in wonderful delicious pain that disappears instanly when he releases them. This pain makes me want to make him stop but then makes me want him to start back up over and over, he of course needs NO direction in this. I feel like there are hands all over my body. Those sharp quick bites seem to come at me from all different directions at once. The quiver starts from deep inside as I feel the most wonderful release of my life. I am WET..his whole hand is WET..the seat is dress is WET. "GOD!!!" How lovely was that?! I feel as if I ran a mile, as I return to reality from the place he has taken me he slowly cleans me with a soft cool towel. I could just snuggle up in this towel and sleep right there in the front seat of his truck. My brain is reeling my pussy is still filled with excitement that each stroke ment for cleaning me up also makes me want more and more.
Before I know it, it is time to go. With my head sober now from the pain my nipples feel as they get hard when i open the door. my pussy is drunk with pleasure still slightly dripping as I make my way to my car. I barely remember the drive home, I am exhaused and can barely keep my eyes open. Not a dream enters my head as a hibernation falls over me and I sleep.
"It was truely nice to meet with you Sir..."

And another...I've been like this forever, and have had real time exeperiences. but...Meeting an online Dom and having my 1st Real Time...
Sir Ted.
Our meeting was of coursed planned for me to dress as he likes. Short tight up...heals and no bra, He prefers the full back panties but I gave them at the last meeting so had to improvise.
A shot of wiskey to settle my nerves and off I drove, as he opened the door I could see the Chain hanging from the celing. My Dom.Sir Ted..the gentelman, check and rechecked to be sure my comfort. all of the proper precautions in place. Because of his kindness and confidence I had no fear.
As I entered the room I could tell that my appearance pleased him. Hair down he requested and I immedately let my auburn locks fall upon my shoulders.As he sat I stood before him and showed him what he requested..Dress up past my waist..My t back panties showed my eagar ass cheeks..The game was about to begin.
Small kisses..they mean the most, ease my mind and relax my nerves. My hands above my head as he removes my dress.
The room is soo bright and the tv soo loud. (all the better to see you with and so no one can hear you..)
There is a towl on the talble..he moves it to show mw his arraingemtnent of toys. "Is there anything that scares you?"
YES!! Some crazy Heavy chain with 2 clamps !! No problem they are removed, this is to be an experiment in my limits.
Next, the blind fold and wrist restraints..hands above my head comfortably so held in place.
The first few smacks I can feel his hands on me..they are sharp hard and quick..Next, the paddle..This is less sharp but takes up soo much more of my ass. It begins to feel red and hot. I squirm, squeel and moan but will not give the "word". More give me more..Sir and Sir and Sir again I speak with him and can feel his pleasure in my tolerance.
Next.. a little sharper pain to my ass, a firm and isolated smack. This is delicous and I squirm and moan to his pleasure. He is please with my tolerance to the crop.Now, the licks are many they tickle me every where almost dancing on my back, my ass and my thighs..
Flogger..beautiful and evil in harmony some of the snaps pinch and hurt others just lick and tingle..This is my favorite of his devices and I tell him so. He whips me red and hot till I've moaned so much I am in need of splended little ass gets a treat of wonderful wet water as well.
I have not yet given the word, we have not found my limit and must move on.
Swat. and snap wrap around and spike pain on to my thighs and stomache. I squeel in discomfort and ask what and give alarm.. The switch..evil tight licks of pain. I pause but continue thru this as long as it stay on my ass cheeks I can endure with pleasure, accepting the pain. Finally giving the word that toy is NOT my favorite.
We move on...Deep breaths and moans cannot explain my experience thus far. My head is swimming my ass burns with fire .. my hands tinlge with pain. This is why I am here!!
The yard stick, slick snaps that cover equal space and pinch at the very end. A treat with a bang at the end. He tries the clothes pins on my sensitive nipples..My brain goes red..then yellow i cannot tell which hurts and which gives me pleasure..everything is spinning is hurting is feeling wonderful. Then RED RED RED off with the nipple pins please please!! HHAAAAAA What a release haveing them removed.
My heart is beating out of my chest my head is dizzy. I am released from my restraints.
As we take a break.. I get a chance to breathe, we both look on the masterpiece that is my ass all red and starting to buise with the marks that i will wear for days.

This is only the first hour of my experience. I am too exhaused to continue with the tale. Second part of my session I will blog about tomarrow..
Good night and Thank you Sir TED.

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