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I've been living a trans lifestyle for over 20 years. Because of this I am aware of all stereo
Trans Dominant, 38,  Gulfport, Mississippi US

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I've been living a trans lifestyle for over 20 years. Because of this I am aware of all stereotypes, headgames, and misconceptions against men and women like myself. It's 2017. Educate yourself. I used to lecture at colleges about being a trans woman. I am familiar with the psychology surrounding the lifestyle and those who are attracted to it. If you cannot treat me with anything other than respect, I have no time for you. I don't care much for labels and the boxes they put you in.


I will not be your submissive. I am not that girl. I have always been naturally dominant. It does NOT mean I want to fuck you in the ass or have you worship me. I AM NOT a stereotypical female domme and if your sole purpose for messaging me is to ask me to fuck you in the ass, humiliate you, or send you nudes privately, I will ignore you. I am currently being mentored by a wonderful Dominant in my area. I will not bottom to you or submit to you. Don't ask. The End.


I am an artist. I work from home.


My lifestyle, by most people's definition is a fetish in itself, but I don't see it as such. I just do what I do. I realize there's a huge taste for it, although for most men it's a passing curiosity. I'm old enough now to not buy into that and thusly my ability to see past bullshit is only outmatched by my ability to navigate around and away from it. Choose your words carefully.


While compliments are nice, I do not need to be worshipped or have my ass kissed endlessly to keep my attention. I prefer honesty to beating around the bush. I'll talk to just about anyone but only have a taste for cock; sorry ladies. Also, I am not interested in other trans women or CDs and TVs. I like men.


Triggers - being a gentleman, patience, Intelligence, tattoos, facial/body hair, glasses, deep voices, nerdiness, uninhibited sex, strong arms/shouders/hands, nice legs/feet, heavy shooters, a nice ass, black underwear that fits well, well-dressed men, light eyes/dark hair....

Turn offs - being pushy, covert narcissism, white knight syndrome, clinginess, selfishness, childishness, the need to be needed, emotionally unavailable manipulators, gross feet/unclipped toenails, timewasters, whining, dead fish in bed, lazy lovers, drug abuse, being a martyr, apathy, sloths, poor hygeine


Instant Deal Breakers: Lies, Infidelity, or Hitting me. Goddess help you if you do.

Journal Entries:
9/4/2017 5:38:41 PM
Dear Catfishers and time wasters - 

I have been active online for over 20 years. I know of every tell tale sign, every trick, and every lie you could employ. I absolutely will not tolerate people who cannot and will not prove they are whom they claim. While I respect discretion and understand the need for privacy, if you want to eatablish trust, it goes BOTH ways. Do not waste my time - I will always find out the truth . Always.

6/6/2017 6:13:06 PM
If your "submission" is only sexual, you miss the point. I am not just Dominant in the bedroom. 

I am not your fetish vending machine. 

Some of you really have no clue. Do please try to get your shit together before messaging me with your list of needs and wants. It's a power exchange - not a Dom you just use how you want at your whim.

6/2/2017 7:34:50 PM
In the last 48 hrs I have had two "submissives" be found out as bullsh!t. 

One wanted me to pro-domme him - which I specifically state is a hard NO from - me. To amuse myself I agreed and set terms. He vanished. Lol Don't fuck witn Me fellas, I'm not an idiot. If I say NO, I mean NO. 

And just about 15 minutes ago, another man who is supposedly from the US  but living abroad for "work" was found out as a catfisher. He was using photos from someone's flicker account. He told me specifcally one image he sent was from a certain foreign country and on flicker it was captioned as being somewhere else - in an entire album of pics from that place. I have tools to reverse search an image. Don't try it. 

Do NOT waste my time. I am no fool.

5/17/2017 5:41:56 AM
Dear Submissives - a few words... 

Do not ask someone if you can have a moment of their time, and then proceed to type a wall of text and state everything you're looking for BEFORE the Dominant you write gives you permission to take up their time with said wall of text. 

Not all trans Doms are tops in the bedroom. Stop projecting your fantasies onto all of us based on the online porn you watch or the stereotypes you know. 

My Dominance is not just in the bedroom. 

I don't want to Dom anyone online. Stop asking. It does nothing for me.

I am not a Pro-Domme. Offering to pay me won't get you anywhere either. 

If you do not live in the US, chances are we won't meet. Please see two lines above. 

Asking invasive personal questions after stating you are not comfortable showing your face, or communicating off site, or sharing anything personal of yourself is a hard NO from me. It goes both ways. Duh

Do not waste my time if you are going to use fear, insecurity, or past relationships as a crutch in any way. If you don't do the leg work to work thru your issues, I'm not your momma.

5/10/2017 6:45:52 PM
Just so it's understood, I am not interested in Dominating anyone online. That includes Skype or on cam in any way. Do not ask. Requests for such will be ignored. 

You're welcome. 

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