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I officially edited this on 7/26/2017. First, for those that are left and don't have me on blo
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I officially edited this on 7/26/2017. First, for those that are left and don't have me on block, I thank you. For those that do? Maybe if you read through this you'll learn more about what a sub really is. Either way, I won't be a little bitch and create a new profile and fake my way through it. What you see is what you get.

So here's the real truth as to why I'm a sub and what it really means to be one. Truthfully, for a long time I didn't understand my feelings, and ran from it. I thought it was abnormal as hell. Not so much anymore. I'm at peace with all of it, and also understand where it manifested itself. At this point it's vital to accept it as part of my persona and live it responsibly.

In a nutshell, it all had roots from my early teen years. I was sent to a private Catholic school, and it was a creepy place. It was situated in this old house, and looked like this scary evil estate. Upon reflection, the entire culture of the place was pure D/s, and admittedly it got to me.

Basically speaking, the school had a big brother/little brother fraternity culture. The seniors were high in status, the freshman the lowest. They had harsh and draconian rules, but only enforced them on the weakest students. The rich and influential kids? Carte blanche. I found myself on the receiving end of their harsh discipline, yet wasn't a particularly bad kid. They just saw me as a target and really were tough. The school's disciplinarian was actually a guy, and he was extremely sadistic. He would use a lot of intimidation and physical stuff to put fear and compliance in you. It was kind of abusive to be honest with you.

But there was another dynamic that added fuel to the fire. The head of the school was a little bit weird. He established this pecking order, and allowed the seniors to really dominate the freshman, up to, and including an actual organized "initiation" practice that amounted to a full fledged hazing. At the time I was a fighter type of personality, and would stand up for myself. That put a huge target on my back as one of the ones they really wanted to "get". The final piece was a senior girl, who was quite attractive, but definitely played full contact. She was really after me because I once mocked the cheerleaders, which she was the captain of. I received multiple warnings from upper classmen, and even some in administration that I needed to back off. The girl was one of the untouchables, and she did not suffer fools.

So in the lead up to the initiation, I became increasingly worried. I would see her around the school, and if looks could kill, I would have been dead long ago. She was definitely out for blood, yet for reasons I didn't understand, I liked it. And when initiation came, oh yeah, so did she. Blindfolds, stress tests, got smacked around real bad. And at the time I had no understanding why, but I found myself loving all of it.

In the end, we bonded and became friendly. She liked me, and I liked her, and she turned out to be a very nice person. But it was clear she was a Domme. Just being near her always put me on edge in a good way, I felt her presence. She just had it, no other way to describe it. That's the secret to real Dommes I've learned. It's not about BDSM, it's an inner spirit, a presence that a woman like that has. You just feel it, and know it. In her case I do not know if she had a freaky side, but I do know now that my submissive feelings with her were likely equal in her dominant feelings for me. It just was there, you couldn't see it, you just felt it. She had it, I had it, and in the end it was all good.

That's what I'm ultimately seeking. The draconian Catholic school experiences added the D/s element to me, but ultimately I seek that special woman that has that "it" factor. That presence that you just feel. This is why I've been really hard on the findommes and other oddities on here. I know they don't have what I've described, they just don't.

So my ultimate question now to anyone reading this is: Are you that person? Do you have that presence that can reach into my soul? If you do, then I think the next step is obvious.

Journal Entries:
10/21/2017 5:08:17 PM
OK, I'll put this out into the mystic. Anyone with greater knowledge please message me. I've seen all the scams from the findom fakes over the years. The basic premise is the same, which is sending these people money. Pre iPhone era was initially western union and moneygram stuff. Later they moved to Wal-Mart Green Dot money cards, and some still do the vanilla cards as well. Amazon wish lists are another one, google wallet, circlepay and others. The channels have changed, but all seem to have one thing in common: Little to no traceability to the receiving party. That alone should be enough warning to you sick guys out there that are getting ripped off by these charlatans. If they're so up and up, and findom is such a legitimate fetish, why then do these people go through such underhanded channels? Duh! They're organized crime guys. Criminals, extortion artists, larcenists. I have some scummy people insist to me that they pay taxes on this stuff. OK, and I have some oceanfront property in Oklahoma to sell you too. Don't be surprised if some of them are crackheads bartering for a fix either. 

But the latest one Im not understanding. Why are iTunes gift cards so in vogue? My theory is that anyone asking for this is probably a male masquerading as a Domme. But maybe someone can answer this better for me?

10/15/2017 5:32:51 PM
Attention ladies: If you're my age, or even in your 30s, don't you think you're a little too old for findom? Do you still go out trick or treating too?

Time to grow up.

10/11/2017 5:46:39 AM
Look at this one! 🤣🤣🤣 And you wonder why I'm the way I am? I didn't even start this, it just came at me randomly.

i'm a slave to a dom couple, met them 9 months ago on cs,But recently my master passed on,he was a cancer patient,Actually he is the one mainly into this lifestyle my mistress is not really into this lifestyle, but now she said she's not happy i am here with her so she wants to release me out to a new potential dom for 1200$, this amount is added to my debt because they paid my way out of my first dom, i would like to know if you  are you interested in owning me ? 

10/11/2017 5:44:55 AM
🤣🤣🤣 look at this one! Looks like our public schools do, indeed, have problems.

Bitch why the fuck you keep coming back to my page you old fucking dunce. Die already! Isn't it your time? I'm sure all YOU do is watch black cock porn & suck dick. Pissy off dirty white trash!

10/11/2017 4:42:25 AM
Update on suspected fake Domme profiles:

I've identified two suspected fakes, and they are using a variation of the same profile name. They habe multiple profiles running in different states. I won't list them here because the CS rules do not allow it. Please message me if you need to know who they are.

In a nutshell, they're running the usual racket, iTunes gift cards. I can tell by their messages back to me that they're total fakes. I suspect they're kids possibly, so you should probably not communicate at all with them.

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