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I'm quite sure  I'm not for most of you. But I'm quite sure there are a few here who need
Male Dominant, 49,  Danbury, Connecticut US

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 Dominant Male



 5' 9"

 220 lbs




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Submissive Female

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I'm quite sure  I'm not for most of you. But I'm quite sure there are a few here who need exactly what I provide.


No strings extreme pain  sessions.


If something more develops from that, than so be it. I'm not closed to something developing organically.


I'm a deeply sadistic and skilled pain administrator. That means I get off on your suffering, and I'm good at it. 


Not just a little suffering, or mild discomfort. I get off on serious pain and agony. I get off on the kind of pain that makes you cry, scream and beg for mercy, then I turn it up a notch.


Please spare me your criticism. If this isn't for you, I understand. I'm not interested in anything illegal or non consensual at the outset. Every scene I enter in to is with full knowledge and consent in advance of the nature of what is about to transpire.


I don't do mutilation, amputation, scat, kids, animals, broken bones or any crazy shit like that.


If this appeals to you and you'd like to chat, tell me about your favorite way to suffer and we'll pick things up from there. But keep in mind,  I'm not here to entertain endless cyber fantasies either. I understand the need to paint a clear picture and establish essential needs and safety protocols. If this is just something you fantasize about and you have no REAL desire to move it forward and plan to make it happen in real time on a reasonable or definite schedule, please do us both a favor and pass me by. I don't have time for your self indulgent masturbatory cyber fantasies. 


Looking forward to meeting some real folks her who know what's up.


Sorry Gents.


Ladies only. No Exceptions. That means you were born without a penis.




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It started as a curiosity. Eventually you tried it. It was just a small taste. But the flavor was Unforgettable. Once you had a taste. You were never be the same again. You couldn't get the flavor out of your mouth. And you wanted more. You've tasted so many flavors and so many toppings since then But you want more. And more. And more. And still you want more. Something a little darker. Something a little more intense. I am more.

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