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I am a passionate, intelligent, and goal-driven Alpha female who loves to explore the kinkier
Female Dominant, 39,  Prairie City, Iowa US

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 Dominant Female

 Prairie City 


 5' 8"

 128 lbs





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Submissive Male

I am a passionate, intelligent, and goal-driven Alpha female who loves to explore the kinkier side of life with the submissives I encounter. The human mind is a powerful thing - it creates fantasies, fetishes and desires that are truly unique and individual. There is no limit to the fun that you can have when you schedule a session with Me. I excel at beating, binding and torturing worthy submissives who come to Me with an understanding of their fantasies. In addition, I can use My superior feminine sensuality to overpower you and make you submit to Me even if you outwardly protest. I take pride in mastering submissives of all stripes to the point of absolute ecstasy.  I love to work with you to create an intense experience that will leave you physically drained but absolutely elated. I cannot help but smile when I see that you have surrendered to Me and given your all for your Goddess. Playing with Me is an intense experience. I am always mindful of your limits, but I will push you to where you need to go. I know that a person with a submissive mind craves pleasing the Dominant and gaining their approval. Fulfilling our mutual desires is what I do best! I am adept with the cane, paddle and whip, and I love ball-busting, CBT, strap-on play, watersports, medical play and needles, CD/TV play, roleplay, but in particular, I love to hear your deepest fantasies. These aid Me in using My imagination and superior intellect to create scenarios from which you cannot escape. The only way out is through submission to Me. I believe that it takes more than just one session to create a fulfilling experience and so I gladly welcome submissives to return to Me for more training and kinky delights. Write me requesting for further instructions on sessions and text (203) 571-3875. Some don't believe me when I ask them to do certain things. Only the stupid ones will make it up to me 'cos they are the ones executing my bright orders. If you think you're smart then this lifestyle is not meant for you. I do not offer online session and i don't entertain unreasonable questions or questioning. This is strictly meant for true slaves and subs who wish to book sessions with me. 

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