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  What I seek in a submissive is just that...submission! If you are just a girl who likes
Male Dominant, 51,  Th Beach, South Carolina US

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 Dominant Male

 Th Beach 

 South Carolina

 6' 0"

 190 lbs





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Submissive Female

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  What I seek in a submissive is just that...submission! If you are just a girl who likes it rough in bed say so there is certainly no shame in that just dont pretend to be something you are not. If you are actually a submissive, dont concern yourself with your age weight or any other superficial nonsense.

 You are a rare and precious gem and I am interested in talking to you. 


I dont believe in social conventions or stereotypes.  I will march to my own drummer and live how I see fit.


I envision a  world where a chicken can cross the road without its motives being called into question.  


If you got that last part you owe it to yourself to contact me.

Journal Entries:
4/11/2016 1:12:54 AM
....and arose such a clatter.   That may be overstating a bit.  Lets call it a ground swell.  Again that may be a bit over the top too.   So a couple of people have decided I needed an up dated pic.  Like a guy my age with this hair changes at all.   I guess the point was that there is no way the "Adonis"  in the original could be real.  But a non famous person had a famous quote. "Give the people what they want".     Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome pic #2!

12/26/2015 12:37:55 AM
At first glance I will see your physical self - the 3D image before me.  You think I see what you see in the mirror and while thats true a first the image will change so much for me as I see inside you.  Once I see your heart, your soul that image will alter greatly.    Your flaws will either be enhanced for fall away.   To be honest its a truly submissive heart that will draw me in. I dont suppose thats true for all men but it is my truth.   I dont view it as your willingness to serve I view it a honest.    To be submissive and embrace it takes great strength in my eyes.  Your heart wants to please and serve, it puts your chosen one before its self.  It spills over past that and frankly makes you a miracle to me.   You will run across those that want to destroy it, quiet it and abuse it.  Its a kin to someone who wants to kill a Lion and stuff it.  It happens because they need to control it to fill whatever hole exists in their soul.   It deserves better!  Nurtured and guided it can explode into greatness.    I know it a bit over the top but I can be that guy.  Dont  let this mislead you about my intentions.  I intend to control your physical self, but never ever your heart....its just not possible

12/23/2015 10:41:31 PM
For the record, "vulgar" is never acceptable.  I am not just trying to curry favor here I believe that.  Sub or not a woman is still to be treated as a woman.  The words Dominant and Gentlemen are not mutually exclusive.  Dominant does not mean Pig or Bully.    I write this in response to almost ALL I read on submissive profiles.  Now lets look at the word fake.   This goes back to the old saying.."if it looks to good to be true - it probably is"   Getting taken in by a liar always sucks, but understand you are half to blame.  If his profile says he is 6'2' 210lbs, rich and good looking.....Really?    While I understand the desire for such a thing, reality has to come into play at some point.    You want real?   Be real.  Be realistic -  Be honest, not just on here but with your self.   Your not going to find "Bruce Wayne"  ( too geeky?) and go live in his Manor on collarspace.   Decide whats really important.  If its looks and Money thats fine, just know thats easy to lie about.   Its very easy to spot a liar if you are looking for whats real

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