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I am a Dominant form north west Alabama. I am looking for someone that wants to be traine
Male Dominant, 34,  Florence, Alabama US

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 Dominant Male



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Submissive Female

A Poly Household

I am a Dominant form north west Alabama. I am looking for someone that wants to be trained and turned into what I want. I am studying Psychology and that means that my kind of domination is more cerebral. If you are looking for a physical dominant that will be abusive to you, then I am not for you.  What I do is to test and expand your limits by nurturing, mentoring, and of course good old discipline with consequence. It is only by having consequence can you because the best slave that you can be. I strive to understand the needs of the slave and to enable her, and nurture those needs to make the slave better then she was before. Strong believer in protocol, and the simple rules of D/s. I am drug and disease free. I expect you to be also. Ignore do respect hard boundary that are set up before someone becomes my slave. I am experienced in spanking, raceplay, and toys. I want slaves for 24/7 TPE slavery. A slave in my service will only be used a domestic and sex slave.  Let me know if you think that you can be a good slave for me. If you want to chat with me feel free to contact me.




Also I am only interested in women that where born women, no trans.

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1/24/2017 3:15:57 PM
The Modern White Man's Burden.
It is time for the domminate white men of the world to stup up and realize that we have to make the world a better place. We white man tried to just civilize the others poeple of world. It is true that we have thought that had done this and releaced our colonise to there own devices. But we can now see that this is not the case. It is time to see that just teaching them to be civilized is not enough. We have to realize that we have to being breeding in our genens to make them civilized. Just look at Chicago and the BLM riots. To save the lives of those less then us white men we need to spread our genens so they can be better. Our white wives and famlies just have to understand that this is our burden. It is what we have to do to make the world better. This is the new white man's burden.

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