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Hi there. I'm Steve. I'm somewhat experienced in kink. I've found I love to be in control, but
Male Switch, 28,  Dubuque , Iowa US

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Hi there. I'm Steve. I'm somewhat experienced in kink. I've found I love to be in control, but can respect confident, self-assured, dominant women, in fact I admire them. I don't give up control easily, but I certainly will to a strong(er) Domme if she can wrestle it from me, perhaps physically, but most likely through clever manipulation and conditioning. My dominant side loves anal, hard, rough, and painful. I love hearing the gasp when I stretch a girl's ass with my cock the first time ;) I also enjoy spanking, verbal abuse and humiliation, biting, fisting, and facefucking. I get off on the power trip of humiliating and abusing my subs and slaves. I love to give CBT to CD subs. Beating your balls is a lovely thrill ;) Cucking is fun too. Belittling cucks in front of their girlfriends is always fun. I'm really tall, 6'6", so it's probably my most immediately recognizable trait. I have blue eyes, auburn, reddish brown hair that I've been growing out for a while now. I'm right around 200 lbs. I'm an open person, a natural leader, very "Type A", intense, driven to succeed, compete, and win. I love science, history, firearms, individuality, video games, and whatever my friends or current partner are passionate about. I've been called impatient, and it's very true. I like to do things quickly, most of the time. I have been trying to slow down lately... I feel I rush things too much. I just like to get everything taken care of quickly, and I do most things with a great sense of urgency. I believe we only live once and because of that we should live life to the fullest as often as we can and waste no time. As a result I also consider myself very adventurous, as I love trying new things! I'm trying to finish my engineering degree right now.

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