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Male Submissive, 34,  North Dakota US

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 Submissive Male

 North Dakota

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Looking here for a hot someone who wants to get married......and wants a lot of kinky sex as a big part of it. Honesty is the best policy......right?

-I'm a Christian. Ask me all about what I believe and how that influences my sexuality if you want. I will say it prevents me from looking for "casual" play minimum. Although I am struggling with my faith currently, it is very real, and will never leave. If you aren't a Christian, or have negative view of religion, we won't be having a long term relationship. Yes. I'm a virgin. I believed that was the right path if I wasn't married. I have no idea if it is now.

My sexual interests are commonly associated with femdom. And if you are a dominant, domme, mistress....great! However, I'm not looking for some 24/7 TPE type of relationship, at least I don't think I am. My profile says bottom, I suppose I'm actually a switch, but I certainly fantasize about being dominated more often than not. Submissive? Yes....but not totally. The truth is I don't know really what I am. I'm not a wimp, I don't lack confidence, and I don't desire to be ruled by a woman. I want a relationship where we can be best friends, and we understand each others sexual needs, and we can be mostly normal.............but also screw each others brains out with kinky sex.

I just want to have fun in marriage, and not worry about some formal dynamic that is supposed to be there because of my sexual desires. That's all.

The 2 women I'm looking for here are:
1. My unicorn. A fit, attractive, Christian, woman who has some dominant, pervy, tendencies. She wants to have kids, and a normal family life, but wouldn't mind having a dungeon too. I think you aren't here, haha, you are who I'm looking for, though.

2. A mistress to maybe play with when I've reached my end looking for the unicorn. Fit, attractive, shares my kinks.

I think I should re-stress, that I'm not this total bitch boy who desires to cave to every whim of a woman. I get the impression that a lot of dominant ladies are looking for the "true submissives," which is fine. I suppose they are probably pretty rare. But I'm not one of these. I think I might be the one that pisses off a lot of dominant women, but again, honesty, right? My kinks are mostly sexual, but it is what it is.

My kinks are:
Strapon/Anal play- love the feeling it gives. I would gladly be trained to be fisted to if that is your thing.
Oral Service- Rimming/Pussy and Ass Worship. Probably fantasize about this more than anything. Shoving my tongue up a sweaty starfish would be o' so nice...
Watersports- Drinking from the pussy seems soooo hot......

Those are the main 3. Mostly sexual. I know. Some of the others that I'm curious about are leather and latex clothing (getting a bit of my own), punishment (whips, floggers, etc). Chastity is kinda hot to me, but I don't desire this long-term lifestyle that some are into. (I want to have a lot of sex with my woman, and hopefully....she wants to do the same to me.) Being bound while all this is happening is also hot. Sweat is a huge turn-on to me, female ejaculation. Hmmm, that's all I can think of for now.

Some limits that will never go away are:
Dudes- I don't desire play with or in the presence of other men. Absolutely no sexual contact whatsoever.
Ball Busting- I don't get this. I want to keep my boys in good shape (I want kids remember).
Findom- Just no.
Cuckolding- As I believe in traditional marriage and fidelity, this would never fly with me. Please just forget about me if this is a fetish of yours (at least those wanting to get married).

BTW..... No dudes.
Ask me anything you want.

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95% Bondage receiver
88% Submissive
69% Switch
66% Masochist
65% Experimentalist
63% Degradation receiver
54% Slave
49% Primal (Hunter)
48% Primal (Prey)
45% Dominant
45% Bondage giver
40% Brat
36% Master/Mistress
35% Exhibitionist
35% Vanilla
30% Non-monogamist
25% Brat tamer
25% Owner
24% Degradation giver
24% Ageplayer
23% Daddy/Mommy
23% Pet
22% Voyeur
18% Sadist
15% All-Rounder
10% girl/boy

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