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Me: 37, good looking, hwp, funny, and gainfully employed full time in a specialized field tha
Male Dominant, 37,  Chicago, Illinois US

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37, good looking, hwp, funny, and gainfully employed full time in a specialized field that is growing.  I've been in the lifestyle about 9 years and have owned 2 slaves previously.  I am looking for a slave for domestic/sexual duties in a long term relationship. I find I function much better when my home is my sanctuary.  

I've also recently become a father and now need to reduce my focus to those who can credibly maintain a normal vanilla exterior and who will, in my view, be a positive influence in my son's life.  As a general rule, I'm limiting my age range to women age 25 and up.  If you're under 25 and think you've got the maturity to handle my needs, I'll need convincing but I'm open to hearing what you have to say.



Humble, hard working, honest, caring, and eager to please.  You should genuinely like to please others.  I don't care if you have any experience.  As long as you are willing to learn and able to trust, I will have no problem training you to be everything I want you to be. You should want to learn or relearn. You should have a sincere desire to be the best person for me that you can be.

 You and I together:

I am more than willing to make certain investments into your upkeep and aesthetics to ensure that you remain pleasing to me.  You will eat well, work out, have regular health checks, have trips to the spa, and get everything you need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I do expect you to maintain a flexible, part-time job for the purpose of qualifying for medical insurance.  Any money over and above this cost will be saved and invested for you in an account with only your name on it for retirement and rainy days.  I don't need or want your money.  Human beings, slaves and otherwise, should always have a financial safety net in place.  If insurance and finances are not a concern for you (as determined by me), I would expect you to participate in charity work as I believe all people should "give back" whenever they can.

A couple caveats:

If you need me to control you because you are unable to control yourself, we're probably not going to work out.  I am not your conscience or your only source of good judgment.  I provide direction and guidance.  

If you are needing micromanagement, sorry Injust don't have the personal bandwidth or inclination to supply that.  I DO have fairly specific and stringent standards of personal conduct, but I cannot be present for every minor decision you dont want to make on your own.  

If you are looking for someone to finance your dreams of extravagance, look elsewhere.  I am not a sugar daddy.  That is not a M/s relationship.

Be local or willing to get local soon. Cams and keyboards are for children.

I will not trade endless e-mails with you.  But we will trade non-nude photographs, of course, and chat often.  If we connect well in cyberspace, I expect to meet soon in a public place using proper safety protocols.  I realize the internet has some dangers for both of us.  We will have to be conscientious adults about this.

Obviously, there is more to say here, but our interaction is what's most important to me.  Just know that I am real, sincere, experienced, stable, capable, and actually a pretty great guy--if I do say so myself. I'm sure you can tell I'm a bit direct. I've found this ensures that there are no misunderstandings. It is reasonable to expect my directness to continue.


Some answers to some common questions I get: "What would my first few days with you look like?

I am a safety guy so on day one, you get an STD test. Anything bacterial gets cured. Anything viral, you go home. Blowjobs only until the results are back. Hot, I know; but it's the way of the modern world.

When all is thumbs up, we begin to put your life together.  


Here are are some expectations I have:

An hour's worth of exercise every single day.  I'll write your schedule for you.

I'll fuck you often, but chastity is enforced in my house at all times; you do not cum until I tell you to.

You get up early because I do.

You are not my girlfriend or wife...not ever.  You are my slave.  A toy.

You'll be occasionally lent/shown off with men and women in the kink community.

My limits are yours.  Period.

You will look your best for me every day.


Here are some things I don't like:

Loud/talkative people

Too many or overly large tattoos

Hearing the word "sir" very 9 seconds.  Saying sir is not what makes you a slave.


Any feeling overt or otherwise that you may somehow be my equal


Ugly people (I'm not ugly and you're a reflection of me)


Plugs in earlobes



When things are going well consistently, I will consider more lasting upkeep and investments. I will consider springing for laser hair removal for the appropriate areas. Teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry treatments would also be on the table. I would decide if you are a candidate for new breasts, and then you would decide if you wanted them and how big (within reasonable limits that I set). I'm not here to bimboify you. But I get these questions a lot

Your responsibilities include looking your best for me at all times. Being ready for me in any way, at all times. Keeping a generally clean and organized home for me at all times. Light laundry (most of my stuff is drycleaned across the street). I love cooking and enjoy fine dining; but most days meal prep is on your plate.

I hesitate to be overly specific in the BDSM and sexual arena as I am not heavily into any one thing or another. I abide by safe/sane/consensual practices and promise that I have the experience to never injure you. However, in short, you would be a kept woman; and I intend to keep you very well. My expectation is that you would take care of all my personal needs in a kinky 1950s-esque fashion as a completely owned and 100% controlled beautiful human being.


As a final note, I don't want to read in your profile 2,500 words about what you want out of life and the kinky activities you want present in your relationship and then just 2 sentences about how you're an honest and loyal person.  You're a slave; you don't make such demands or set such requirements.  If your profile resembles this, do not contact me and kindly uncheck "slave" from your orientation field.  You're not one.  We haven't here coined some new variation of what slave means.  The definition of the word hasn't changed in a thousand years.  I want to know what you're like personally, what you're good at, and what you think a Dominant male looks like.  If we have good conversations, I'll request to meet you somewhere public (think coffee not concert) to determine if I think you are attractive and if I like you personally.  If I do, we'll go from there. If I don't, well see ya later.




Journal Entries:
4/1/2017 1:57:01 PM
It's always a complete mystery to me that so many so-called slaves have such an easy time rattling off a long list of things their Master must be/do/have/provide.  Ask her what she brings to the table, and you get a blank stare then a long list of "I don't...."  A good Master is easily unimpressed and very quickly disinterested.

6/14/2015 3:55:35 PM
Thanks to a certain sub who reminded me to stop over-scheduling myself, I'm taking an impromptu vacation. To prove that I can. By myself. In the woods. No technology but a landline. Logs will be split and then burned. Fish will be caught and then cooked (ok, burned also) But beers will be swilled and boats driven, brush cleared, cobwebs swept, and all things broken will be mended. My tired soul included. Catch you on the return flight, friends. No cell service from here on out!

6/22/2014 1:33:55 PM
I'm finding that I really like generally quiet people. Perhaps as humans we cannot operate both the brain and the mouth simultaneously; and we have to choose which one to use. A mouth has so many better uses than talking.

6/19/2014 4:52:10 AM
To dominate is also to serve. Just my thoughts this morning over coffee. Evidently, I'm feeling very philosophical today!

5/5/2014 3:13:33 AM
Dominance is achieved when passion is focused.

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