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  Hi i'm pearl. That is the name my Master has given me. that is what i wish to be calle
Female Slave, 30,  Nashville, Tennessee US

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Hi i'm pearl. That is the name my Master has given me. that is what i wish to be called unless or until i know individuals well enough to disclose my real name. i'm a polyamorous slave and baby girl. i'm owned by my Master/Daddy/boyfriend since November 2015 though W/we've been in a relationship (this time as W/we have history on and off through the years starting in 2005) since August of 2014. i am a masochist and enjoy many many kinds of play. i strongly identify as part of the Leather tradition, but by no means believe in a"one true way."


i am not seeking any other relationships at this time actively though am beginning to warm to the idea of dating women again. i am also not actively seeking play partners right this minute but that may change in near future.either because i am now living where meeting folks is easy *WILL NOT play with Someone i have not met before and/or have recommended to me by people i trust. i also may be willing to do fetish modeling in the near future.


i have been in the BDSM lifestyle since about 2 1/2 months after my 18th birthday, and i still love learning new things. i identify as bisexual but am wondering if pansexual may be more accurate so my identity orientation wise may change. If Y/you wish to discuss BDSM interests that is fine, but i am not interested conversations that involve asking me about my desires or telling me what Y/you want as far as sex. DO NOT MESSAGE ME TO TRY TO GET ME TO ENGAGE IN THINGS I LIST AS LIMITS.



i DO enjoy chatting about many subjects and love making friends. i am just sick of messages that force on me A/another's desires or ignore my profile information.
i have many non kink related interests as well. Among those are reading, writing, good conversation, medieval living history, animals, volunteer work, learning about a wide range of things. Message me and start a conversation. There's a good chance W/we can find something to chat about! i am a disabled woman with various conditions but none of them stop me from living the life i want; they just mean i have to do many things differently.

A note about my typing. i do use "slash speak" and capitalize words referring to Dominants and Tops and tend to not capitalize with non Dominants or bottoms. i know S/some find this annoying, but i chose to do it as a way of expressing my respect for and caring of a Man Who is in my life besides my Master Who has helped me become who i am and Who makes my life better for knowing Him. This is one thing He prefers of me and my Master is fine with it so it is something i've made the choice to do to honor Someone Who i am lucky to know. If Y/you wish to say anything that is complaining about my typing style save Y/yourself and me some time and don't. i can promise Y/you i do not care if Y/you like it. Y/you have not earned my caring. The Man Who taught me to do this matters to me very much so i can promise Y/you His opinion matters, but Y/yours does not.

things i am NOT looking for or interested in at all
1.i have NO DESIRE to leave my Master so no interest in having a new one.
2. i have no interest in messages where S/someone tries to tell me what T/they want to do with me when i've not consented.
3. i'm not a Dominant so even if i were to be open to relationships i am not interested in having a sub/slave etc.
4. i DO NOT want objectifying remarks made about me. This includes any comments on my body that i do not invite. If Y/you wish to compliment my photos try something more interesting like commenting on the photo itself or asking about the inspiration for it, hell maybe even get really creative and ask what sorts of photos i hope to model for in the future.
5. i am not interested in talking to A/anyone that thinks T/they are entitled to me messaging T/them. No O/one is entitled to any attention from A/another person.
6. i am not interested in offers for modeling that involve sex acts.


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