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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

- No longer seeking.  I'll continue to come here now & then as I'll always enjoy read
Female Dominant, 50,  Trinity, Florida US

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 Dominant Female



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 5' 7"

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Submissive Male

- No longer seeking.  I"ll continue to come here now & then as I'll always enjoy reading and closing my account just didn't feel right.  Disappearing after whatever silly little piece of feces flew into the oscillator causing whatever drama that shut down collarme. com isn't the same. 

- .... anything below here is the profile I'd set when seeking.  Know that I am not seeking.  If you send a message anyway, it is more likely that I will not respond than the chances that I will.  Those who know me, know that I believe there is no such thing as either always or never. 



If you're under 45 years old, please do not waste your time. 


The first thing I'll add is that as you all know, many of the profiles on this site are fake.  This site is far from immune to the lies told by and to.  You're welcome to believe whatever you wish of the contents of mine.  I'll tell you that my location is indeed not accurate and as many of those who've contacted me have assumed; no, I am not a "Pro".


I'd been asked to put a bit of information in my profile regarding what I seek so that I wouldn't waste others' time.  I suppose the sadist in me delayed doing so simply because I know how much of mine gets wasted by many others here whether I go into extreme detail as to what I do and do not seek.  Even to say that I am seeking isn't exactly true.  Oh but, to say that I am not seeking, I'm sure to have more of my time wasted with, "Then why are you here at all?"  bs questions ... likely to come from the same who write a message with simply the word, "hi".  Only a short while after I'd been asked to fill in a little so as to not waste others' time, I edited my profile to the simple statement that if someone were under 45, they'd be wasting their time.  Yet, quite a few opted to waste theirs and MINE. 


I know that most of the men in the age range I seek are fairly set in where they're at.  I'm not seeking to up & change all sorts of things about a man.  I'd prefer to simply enhance his life as he would mine ... more smiling, less alone time, someone else to engage in life's mundane tasks together so they're not so mundane.

I'm sure things have and haven't changed in the last decade in so far as people actually coming out from behind a keyboard.  It's odd; about 6 or 8 months ago, my neighbor talked me into joining one of those popular (non-kinky) dating sites.  When I told her that I'd talked with a fellow I was interested in and that I set up a date to go to his house for dinner, she freaked out as if he was sure to be an axe murderer!  I should meet him in public, blah blah blah.  I'm not one to want to waste time being a pen pal.  The best way to get a sense of who someone is, is in their own element; the one they've created for themselves. 

Sure, I could ask you about all your kinky quirks.  You could ask me to type out all the aspects of dominance and submission that stir my loins but, I'm not going to go through all that and have either of our excitement dashed by simply not having face to face chemistry.  If you'd like to discuss each others views, wants, and needs in the type of relationship we seek, ask me over to dinner.


I'm going to converse then meet a man to two, or three, or twenty until each of us comes across someone we both wish to continue seeing.  Well, that was and still is my plan for joining this site again, after all these years.  Not long after I joined, a dusty ole toy fell off the shelf.  If it rolls over here to my heel and asks nicely,  I just may consider giving it lessons on sincerity.  Whether your closet has no doors, no locks, or, only locks from the inside; you have to want to come out of it yourself; I'll never "force" you.  To each their own self imprisonment and/or freedom.


Now, to those who have written me and I have either not yet read your message or not yet replied:  I guarantee you that there isn't enough time in a day to reply to each and every note received on that day alone.  If you're receiving as many messages from professional dominatrixes as I am from submissive, switch, and dominant men (as well as the occasional female), then you understand the time constraints.  If the message you'd sent only said something to the effect of, "Hi, how are you?" and no more... yeah, no ... it's not instant messenger chat time.  You're not going to shine like a needle in this haystack.


Some men will put in their profile that they simply aren't attracted to BBW.  Not all heavy set women take offense even though surely, some will.  I'll ask those under 5'9" tall to not "waste their time" as I haven't ever been attracted to shorter men.  Yes, I know for a fact that there are extremely sweet, handsome, and likely highly compatible men who simply were born to the body they have ... as we all are. 


I will add to this when next I have ample time to do so.  Not that it matters anyway.  I could profess my sincerity of intent and swear I'm truly hoping my words aren't seen as rude but, trust me, ... someone is slighted, someone is offended, and many have labeled me after the first sentence. 



Journal Entries:
10/14/2017 11:31:57 AM
No longer seeking.

8/10/2017 1:31:48 PM
Sad the number of profiles some maintain here.  Mocking almost no fun, almost.  LOL

8/6/2017 10:06:12 PM
Those who have somehow set up to have a generic, pre-written message sent to (in this case) dominant female profiles as they come online without having viewed/read the profile of the person you're sending the note to ... just cut that shit out.  None of us believe a word professing the need to serve the individual.  You yourself know it not to be true that you'll serve just anyone so, stop taking yourself down with bulk, non personalized notes. 

8/4/2017 12:50:21 PM
Wouldn't it be cool if whomever is running this site would get it's issues resolved at least enough for it to run somewhat smoothly?  

7/23/2017 12:13:45 PM
"Yee of little faith." 
When current is as past performance.
Even after all these years?  Seriously? 
I've all the faith in the world that you'll continue with your lies of omission in your compartmental relationships.  Yet, I wish you well with your baby steps, you giant, brilliant, idiot. 

And to the other one, the no phone number thing after your being here for as long as you have?  Better that you cry over the supposed 100 grand story than to know what more than money not giving your phone number cost you ... and me.

Chicago.  Every day for years, I see you with someone who gives you what I do not have to give.  There in lies my faith.  Believing you are all happier.

I'm only going to hang out here online for about another two weeks, then I'm offline again. 

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