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My name is Master/Daddy .. Now in the state of Va. for a year 2017.....I am in no hurry to fi
Male Dominant, 56,  Virginia US

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My name is Master/Daddy ..

Now in the state of Va. for a year 2017.....I am in no hurry to find a submissive or slave ! If you are married we can talk but that is it!! I think outside the box,I am D&D FREE YOU BE TO !!!....I m a Blackbelt in many cultures and ex Military ....I am down to earth Man,looking for 24/7 relationship I will put up a new picture up of me soon I am not getting any memory for this site,,,,,,I AM NOT IN FLORIDA ANYMORE I am divorced,and single,,,,,I was born and raised in NJ ,,This how I roll I do not punch or beat a sub,slave, but I will punish you in away that make you wish I beat you,,,,,submission is a must,!!!!! ,,,,, If you have a page and give me your number and want me to text you it will not happen,I have lived all over the central and eastern states,,,,,,I am in Martinsville,Va. As of 10/09/2016,,,,Wanting more then just sub or slave LTR WoW there are way to many fakes on here !!! They want it all and you can tell there pictures are fake,,,,,,November I am not into BLACKS  no if,and,or butts  about it ...IF YOU BEEN WITH A BLACK DO NOT CONTACT ME,,,,And I will not send any money to anyone .........I am in Virginia in the 24055 area....looking for a little/princess you will be well cared for 

Journal Entries:
9/9/2017 5:49:46 PM
MOST of the females slaves or subs just want 1 thing itunes or money they say they want to be with you most of them are full of shit IF THEY ARE real it is just a dream watch out ....for Michellebrian73  she is a fake there are a lot of them on here i am only looking for 1 slave no more 

8/18/2017 5:10:14 PM
Shortly I will remove this page I been on here 2 long 2 many fake people and bullshit 

8/15/2017 2:56:24 PM
Journal ,,,,,been looking along time for that princess,submissive I be leaving this state of Va., going to Tennessee to get my land ready for my house but I am missing someone that be there for me always that would like living on 5 acres in the woods very private land I am more of a Daddy Dom

3/22/2017 6:40:55 AM
Been living in Martinsville,Va area for then next year I have not found what I am looking for yet

9/17/2016 1:42:05 PM
WOW ,,This website is off the chain with people that do not know what they want from all the dreamers that a full of shit to the social worker who wants to know what is wrong in your life !!! LMFAO

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