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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 54, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 220 lbs.
Location: Rancho Cordova, California
Last on 11/2/10 at 3:22 PM
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Bisexual Trans Submissive
Age: 49, Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm), Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: Moorestown, New Jersey
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StraightFemale Submissive
Age: 50, Height: 5ft 4in (163 cm)
Location: Nebraska
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Bisexual Female Switch
Age: 46, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 36, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm)
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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 23, Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm), Weight: 105 lbs.
Location: West Hollywood, California
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StraightFemale Submissive
Age: 45, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 130 lbs.
Location: in Germany (+BEL), Germany
Last on 11/15/17 at 10:27 AM
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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 49, Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm)
Location: Wausau, Wisconsin
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StraightFemale Submissive
Age: 27, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm), Weight: 140 lbs.
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 19, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
Location: Oregon
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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 36, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm), Weight: 184 lbs.
Location: Washington
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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 44, Height: Under 5ft (152 cm), Weight: 98 lbs.
Location: Nashville, TN, Tennessee
Last on 8/16/12 at 9:45 AM
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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 42, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Last on 6/27/11 at 12:11 PM
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Bisexual Female Switch
Age: 20, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
Location: Denver, Colorado
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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 48, Height: 5ft 0in (152 cm), Weight: 143 lbs.
Location: port macquarie, Australia
Last on 9/8/17 at 11:16 AM
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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 19, Height: 5ft 1in (155 cm), Weight: 91 lbs.
Location: Sudbury, Canada
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StraightFemale Submissive
Age: 35, Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm), Weight: 250 lbs.
Location: boise, Idaho
Last on 5/10/16 at 5:50 PM
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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 48, Height: 5ft 1in (155 cm), Weight: 150 lbs.
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Last on 8/25/12 at 6:50 AM
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StraightFemale Submissive
Age: 47, Height: 5ft 0in (152 cm), Weight: 170 lbs.
Location: superior, Wyoming
Last on 2/18/13 at 9:20 AM
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Bisexual Female Switch
Age: 28, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 120 lbs.
Location: Tennessee
Last on 3/2/11 at 5:05 PM
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Bisexual Male Dominant
Age: 23, Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm), Weight: 125 lbs.
Location: New York
Last on 10/5/11 at 12:22 PM
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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 29, Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm), Weight: 130 lbs.
Location: BENSON, Utah
Last on 7/27/12 at 7:51 AM










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The change made to become more is symbolic yet reinforced by physical transformation.

Often, people ask about the meaning of life, it's origins, and what happens to us when we pass on?  The important thing to understand is our view of time is  incorrect.  Time and everything even energy, is eternal, what is temporary is the particular arrangement that forms life.  One needs to understand that this arrangement is not accidental or random, it is very specific.  The energies of the higher frequencies which are the eternal components of all mass effect the arrangement of matter and yet defy detection.  That is the real you, and the real me...  


The thing that achieves no allowance in the world of knowledge of men, is the belief in structure having limits.  No energy or matter is ever destroyed only the arrangement of it changes, modifies or is absorbed into a "stationary" system.  We men of earth believe in charge as an abstract without understanding the temporal nature of it, nor do we allow for the particle as a wave.  One has really no reason to insist that frequencies would reach some terminus, in wavelength or duration, there are levels of transformation into other considerations that quickly inhabit the "occult" world of thought.  I am never forgiven for making this intellectual jump, and thus those considering themselves educated would rapidly dismiss the arguments as a tryst of some ranting hippie, yet if you knew me well, you would know that one day in my past I was one who would have also dismissed these notions.  So, perhaps one should bear with the rants, long enough to reconsider knowledge on fundamental levels.  Parts of these clues fail the westerner in his considerations of the knowable, as he sees a world with lineal time.  He sees a solid mass in each particle of an atom and separate particles with charge relations.  None of these views allow for other considerations in matter and life.  They are part of an inconclusive and incomplete view which barely corresponds with occurrences that exceed the grid.  So, as an alternative, imagine a different point of view, particles made of impossibly small points of eternity, locked into the now, the absolute moment of !NOW! is never realized, but instead all matter and energy is trying to obey a "new" law of physical properties, which is: 


Temporal Dynamics Law One: Everything in the whole of existence is in motion, nothing every occupies the same space again.   Thus the the knowledge of all possibilities can occur.  This is a mechanism which brought about all creation.  Nothing simply can never exist, as part of paradox, if, all the world was nothing, then, there would still be one nothing.  Thus one is making a small leap to the obviousness of seek by saying, all possibilities exist, and God searches for the simple quest, what am I?

Temporal Dynamics Law Two:  Everything in all of existence is attempting to be at the center of !NOW!

This is the reason we find gravity so impossible to fathom. Once again, using the wrong model for time, is like trying to see what is wrong with the windshield wipers by looking at the tire tracks.  The dualism of future and past seem obvious, we do not consider now in a fashion which reveals the force with in it.  Consider now as raindrop landing on a hot greased frying pan, think of it as the funnel or air when you drain the tub.  Realize it has a scope of activity.  Know that force is an effect of time.  There are 3 forces one the future unfolding destiny, one the past revealing the effects of events occurring, and now  the pathway to eternity.


Temporal Dynamics Law Three: "NO MATTER OR ENERGY CAN INHABIT !NOW!." 

all structure arrangements are in juxtaposition between these 2 factors of time, future and past, the only thing that ever passes into the center of now is our soul.  The living force comes to, and leaves from our world in the now.  As we move slowly and forever approaching !NOW! one learns the avenue is infinite, yet beyond the point of nexus there is another side, The Other Side 0f Now.  This is the source of creation, in that here is the realm of eternity.  Master holds the stone between His fingers, seemingly peering beyond it, then tosses it to the ground.  "That is how a stone can be billions of years old."


Temporal Dynamics Law Four: "INFINITE HARMONIC POSSIBILITIES CAN OCCUR WITH A CORRESPONDING SCALE OF EVENTS, WITH EACH VECTOR OF SCALE BEING ETERNAL, INFINITELY LONG, INFINITELY SHORT."  Mega galaxies to ethereal neutrons, there is correspondence.  Massive scale events move large quantities of micro particles, extreme quantitative particle events effect massive scales.   


The distance and nature of displacement from the center of the moment determines the charge of energy wave forms. These factors have confounded every great thinker, and it should not cause shame, it is beyond human sight, yet we may see the light coming from the source.  The great project within the act of magic in the ancient times of this art was the determination of how structures could be rearranged to evoke a new start of the life process within an existing organism.  All organic life forms have a limited experience with time, the lack of ability to sustain this process is due to not understanding the true nature of time and how matter functions via harmonics of vibrations.  The spark of life occurs with the nearly perfect alignment of the internal particles within the water involved.  The harmonics within them are in alignment, as this process proceeds in duration the alignment becomes increasing random.  All we consume as food and drink is also misaligned.  All tissues are made from molecular structures involving complex ion formation and the associated ligan fields of water molecules.  The Van Der Waals force from the nucleus of oxygen atoms is a harmonically strong situation as the geometry of 16 particles is 4 within 4.


Water molecules are conflicted to an extreme, while the chemical valance of Oxygen is 2 the electrons inhabit the Hydrogen atoms is ways that leave the fields from the Oxygen atom exposed.  This fact is the power forming life.  I stir another spoon of sugar into my coffee, watching it dissolve, knowing that this force is at work as the polar forces in the water break apart the crystals.   Many crystals themselves are considered ionic, meaning they are in complex with associated water.  Sugar and water meet an Iron atom and form a complex ion with it known as hemoglobin.  In the fictional accounts of vampires this complex is supposed to sustain life.  How close to true is that notion?  It would not be the blood, but rather the water with in the blood that would cause this effect.  The project is based on a perfect geometry that is deeply complex, yet we see that time is effected in harmonic correspondence.  What would happen if one could create water with perfect harmonic alignment like the coherence of light from a laser?  My thinking on this, is that, this was done by those of us once in a distant past, how I could know this is like explaining how I am alive, I do not know except to say I feel it and dream about it.  Sound in the form of a perfect pitch was produced and refined by the process of experiment.  As this work progressed the project drew upon the people of the world at that time, to create the Halls of Amenty.  In this time we speculate how this devise worked, yet no one considered for a moment the physics of such a devise and the possibility of vibrations within a huge pile of stones as massive as the ones used.  The name of god contains the perfect pitch of the royal "A".  This tone evokes a dissonance in the halls, the vibrations cause the stones to react producing an energy within them which is collected and focused upon water vapor.  The stones themselves containing chemical water of formation.  The resulting waves bring the water mist droplets into perfect temporal alignment as every molecule become aligned in unison within. the mist collected and rains below into a vat.  The god king would bathe and drink of this perfect water becoming renewed, defying the laws of life.  So, why would people build huge structures all over the world piling huge stones?  Some may simply have been sponed from vague traditions of a rumor that once, in a distant past, men found a way to survive death....  I, Mage Amen Ra lived in those days and worked to make this machine a reality.

The great seal depicts an all knowing eye at the apex of the pyramid, this is representative of the other side of now, where eternity is looking into our moment, our little bubble of time, the oddity sizzling along on the bottom of the frying pan of forever.





I would like to invite anyone who wishes to come to my room at IMVU and enjoy 3d chat to feel free to do so.  In public rooms go to the access pass room called EvilTopia.

I am so enjoying the true power one finds from being completely alone.  I have recently felt overwhelmed by how utterly stupid the entire society seems to be, no wonder it is a dark planet.

If I would be quoted for anything as some famous people are, then it would be this line..."The one thing money can never buy and drugs can never give you is a clear mind."     

In reality I would like to find someone to help me get the studio going, with an interest in pottery, or greenhouse care. Kitty and I are opening a restaurant (BAKERY) and store.  A common interest is worth more than all the fashion or makeup, money or cars, or big homes in the world, it forms a bond that will last. 

I am extremely complex, maybe you would find that you are simply not able to comprehend my path.  I think of the classical composition "The Artist's Life"  and it fills me with the meaning of mystery in the woods, one finds life happens on so many levels the task is to compile one's personalities into oneness of being and purpose.  If one is filled with games, they find them reversed upon them and often see this as a game played by the mirror.  IT IS THEIR OWN GAME IN THE MIRROR!

I think slaves need to read this better, or maybe for the 1st time?  As the whip lands for each blow they need to recite this creed one line per blow until it is complete each time punished.

1) *I will surrender myself to my MASTER and to his love for I am a slave. * My thoughts will be only to love and to serve my MASTER and to make him proud of me, for I am a slave.

2) * I will always respect my MASTER, for I am a slave.

3) * I will always serve and obey my MASTER’S commands fully, for I am a slave.

4) * I will always serve and obey my MASTER’S commands immediately, for I am a slave.

5) * I will always serve and obey my MASTER’S commands silently, except for Yes Sir, for I am a slave.

6) * I will always address my MASTER as Sir or Master or by whatever title he chooses to specify, for I am a slave.

7) * I will never question the reasons behind my MASTER’S commands, for they are none of my concern, for I am a slave.

8) * I will speak only when my MASTER gives me permission to speak, and any Question I may have regarding His commands, or the specifications of my assigned duties are to be private and never in front of people, for I am a slave.

9) * I will always be nude in the presence of my MASTER unless told otherwise, for I am a slave.

10) * I will always wear my MASTER’S collar, unless I am told otherwise, for I am a slave.

11) * I will only wear the clothing that my MASTER permits me to wear, or go naked if HE so requires, for I am a slave.

12) * If I am permitted to work, I shall work only for my MASTER and surrender to HIM all proceeds from my labors, for I am a slave.

13) * I will always stand in the presence of my MASTER, with my head bowed in my hands behind me, but not resting on my ass, for I am a slave.

14) * I will kneel in the presence of my MASTER, when he allows me to, with my head bowed and my hands behind me, but not resting on my ass, for I am a slave.

15) * I will sit only at my MASTER’S feet, unless he tells me otherwise, for I am a slave.

16) * I will at no time presume to sit on a piece of furniture without my MASTER’S express permission, for I am a slave.

17) * I will always keep my body clean and ready for my MASTER’S use and pleasure, for I am a slave.

18) * My bodily functions are to be completely controlled by my MASTER; even the times I may be allowed to go to the bathroom are to be specified by him, for I am a slave.

19) * I will always be available for my MASTER’S use and pleasure, or for the use an pleasure of whomever HE shall command me to serve, for I am a slave.

20) * I will never smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs without my MASTER’S express permission, for I am a slave.

21) * I will eat only those foods provided by my MASTER, when and where he specifies I may eat them, for I am a slave.

22) * I will never get into my MASTER’S bed unless I have asked permission and that permission has been granted, for I am a slave. I will keep my body free from hair below the eyes, particularly my crotch, ass, and armpits, for I am a slave.

23) * I will never harbor feelings of anger or resentment towards my MASTER, and if such feelings should involuntarily cross my consciousness, I shall immediately confess these feelings to Him and submit to whatever punishment He deems appropriate, for I am a slave.

24) * I will do my best to never be an encumbrance to my MASTER or make Him uncomfortable by my presence, for I am a slave.

25) * I will submit willingly to whatever additional rules my MASTER may wish to impose, either now or at a later date, for I am a slave.

26) * Because my body is now my MASTER’S property, it is no longer my right to protest any use HE chooses to make of it. Rather it is an honor if he chooses to touch me at all, for I am a slave.
Thanks Froggie;)




Journal Entries:
11/12/2017 8:31:26 PM
Very often I meet those who have the conviction that life is all chemicals, yet the knowledge of chemistry on their part is so limited and primitive. Life owes it's existence to the old mythical elements, topping the list is water. The role of water is at least as complex in the human body as it is in the creation of lightning. Physicists are ever more perplexed at how lightning occurs, it seems the more they study it the less is actually known. The forces within the atom avail themselves to goemetry, structure, number laws, rules of forces, and waveform dynamics, plus the laws of temporal phases and states at the moment of !NOW! I believe many options are available at that zero point within time and outside forces can change the states of molecules and interactions. The process of cooking is a decent example of how states change. The issues becomes one of if it cannot be detected by physical means, however can manifest presence, does it exist? Atheist say there is nothing more, in doing so they claim there is a limit to vibrational frequency without offering any proof. Their only proof is to say we can't detect it. Until recently we could not detect any other planets in the universe, but as technology improves, we may get to see what color panties they have handing on the clothes lines. An Atheist wants closure in a vast and infinite cosmos with continuum. The Top Law of philosophy I truly believe is a set entitled ALL POSSIBILITIES EXIST. This does not mean every fairy tale really happened, but it does open up venues for deeper rabbit holes to explore. One has to ask so many difficult questions that only can include intellect and feeling predates any other matter. Possibly everything was hydrogen in a gas sea of enernity, yet in that sea of gas or even in perfect vacuum, data can collect and organize, reflecting awareness from the depths. This universe may only be a reflection of a spirit universe, which I suspect is very much the truth. Thus no medicines work without an eternal counterpart, as my suspect is every atom of every chemical and every particle on energy and radiation wave has a finer harmonic that resounds in the greater time of eternity which we are part of. Manipulation of eternity is an art known to this era as Magic, the art of the Mage.

10/2/2017 7:52:52 AM
The interesting fact about absolute now, is we do experience it once. At one time in our journey on the time of physical Earth, we die. This is our one spin into the depth of the moment, the !NOW! Of one's death. Some might argue that there is a duration to one's passing and yes that is true, however there is a moment where one absolutely ends, equally there was a moment where one begins, while biologically that event occurs with the merger of sperm and egg during sex, (normally) the moment of gaining consciousness is less accurately definable. Conceivably this moment occurs prior to our earliest recognition, one's mother might see that spartan was there the moment we are born, however the pocessive of the animate body by a spirit and soul may actually occur much later, and in some instances one may aquire another persona by circumstance of intervention. The uncontrolled intervention is known as pocession, where the controlled possibility requires deep self work to open a place within the internal madness of our complex household of personality. One must create a place for a surrogate Master to occupy when that spirit avails itself to the host. This process began within many years prior to the 2005 meeting with the spirit Mage Amen Ra. MARS for short, and hence the title which has stayed for a very long time now... these notes are a testimony to the wisdom given the host by the Master. One automatically is walking a thin line between madness and sanity when any discussion of multiple aspects to one's being becomes involved, yet all my life there seemed to be some free providing guidance and direction, even to the point of knowing seemingly impossible answers on test during school days. Turning the mind's eye in the direction pointed to by the other within while staying focused in normal affairs demos rats the differant between a greater consciousness and befuddlement.

9/23/2017 9:15:28 PM
The aspects of the instant within the particle wave within the particle that approaches the Eye of Ra, are like the four seasons, the four winds, the four cardinal directions, each being distinctive from the other, while two are moderation of the others which are polar opposites that being in multi space aspects are 4 points of a tetra heron until you add vector motion which stretches this into kabbalah or spiral helix, the truest form the most difficult to describe. Absolute !NOW! Is in essence absolute zero motion just as in kenetics, but differs in that it is an absolute snapshot of now seen from eternity. The more one knows about the forces pushing and pulling inside this moment, the more one can understand how to resonate with them using other organizations of force to bend those forces to create a desired effect. An example of this being done is metal crystalline structures vecoming magnetized.

9/22/2017 3:14:42 AM
At times in the distant past of the history of men, efforts were made to reproduce the process of time that changes the longevity of a normal human cycle. The cycles occur based on the laws of 3 and 7 found in Natural progressions of harmonic virations. We it her or not event occurances are vibrational or more complex is quite dependant upon the scale of time for the observer, and perhaps the mental capastity of a person to create imagination of scale. The 7 phases of dev r lopment in life cycle of men unfold from a prime of the orginal atomic chain of DNA code, one of the most understated aspects of this occurance is the very powerful abilities of the medium in which this occurs, namely the mixture of hydrous, hydronium, and hydroxide molecules. Those molecules become the focus of the state of the organism as they form the energy fields making the deployment of life codes possible. They thing I wish to embellish at this inspiration from the teacher is that these fields are also linked to eternal counterprts, and the state of those charges in eternity and continuum, determine either stutained duration in the pressure of time of the drop from level to lessor desired state we know as age. When one looks at age in any organism the role of water becomes appearance so rapidly, yet we seem helpless to change this role. The teaching of this morning is that this change is not of this physical world but rather one that occurs between eternal and continuous aspects of time and our fleeting instant. All these aspects are occurance in the one thing they all share which is !NOW!. It does seem that it is possible to create pressure from physical forces like the fields of earth materials such as stones, and living materials such as wood or fabrics made from skins or hair / fur. Micro-organisms very likely to play a role in creating a field of Orgorne energy which can impact the water within us and therefore change the aspect of the ligand energy fields between rarefied ions that would only exist in a vapor under vacuum and electrical force, or in your coffee, or fingernails. The water in our substances has changed on a higher level therefore nothing we do on the level changes that effect, to reverse aging we must change the cycle which would increase life hundreds of years. A possible method of delivery involves nanotechnology, yet we as beings are not looking deep enough into the possibilities of this tech. If the nanotechnology world is approached by hierarchical methods the bigger machine build smaller the smaller acts in mass response to commands of the queen bot, like a hive. This method takes us to atom placement level bots.

9/11/2017 12:18:28 AM
Imagine nanotechnology advances via hierarchy to molecular level robots. In a way the all of nature works this way via the information of DNA / RNA. The technology begins with creating organized metals that can be digitally organized into space craft and machines, the robots can eat stone and create stone structures with amazing ease. The next level of bots can focus energy from several sources, including temperal energy, which result in gravity effects allowing stones to float into place with the touch of a finger. Beyond this a level of micro-nanotechnology is injected and effects our well being, the bots can actually change a form of time that relates to the organization of water forming complex ions by sending a unified vibration to them all that results in greater organization from within. The process results in a renewing of organism throughout the entire organism as if they are born again with skin becoming toned and bones strengthen all tissues becoming youthful and healthy. Then another dream level of robots actually repair and replace tissue. Finally there is a level that covers us like a living suit with remarkable properties combining all levels of the technology. The beginning of this tech provides us with a space suit that is like a skin that can morph. As time progresses we never die, never become ill. Everyone is able to pursue higher levels of being. Sexually the suit can become any fantasy of changes in sex, and we feel everything it becomes. Become possible to have both sexes and every thing possible with no limit to the amount of orgasms. The suit would use wing like covering to protect from radiation in space the wings can wrap around the body, thus during sex a couple could arrange to have cock and pussy side by side having multiple organs multiple clits, even futa type cocks easily self sucked. The process of creating new coupling are in the minds of the couple like changing positions in our time. They are wrapped in a cacoon of each other's wings and almost too addicted to each other to leave... they could stay coupled for days... the suit would actually live on the waste from our bodies, we would ocassionally eat and drink as normally but in a time where machines are doing everything money falls from grace, power is no longer something we seek, everyone enjoys tantric levels of pleasure while coming closer to being a developed being...eventually one would aspire to become pure energy. Thinking war becoming obselete is a nice goal.....

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