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About me I am highly educated and well spoken. I work in I.T. I am not an extrovert. I ha
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About me

I am highly educated and well spoken. I work in I.T.

I am not an extrovert. I had a traditional upbringing and I value substance over form. I prefer a book and cognac to clubbing and drinks.

I am snarky and sarcastic by nature as I tend to be the most intelligent person in the room at any given moment.

I despise intellectual laziness.

I am old enough to be jaded against optimism and young enough to still believe in the power of love and honesty to solve most woes.

I've been jokingly referred to as Mr Darcy meets Mr Grey.

English is and will always be my first true love.



(Because we must sell ourselves some how)

It was pointed out to me that I should post more of the positives of being in my company.
What would there be to gain from a person giving themselves to you?

I will let the words of my friend speak for me in this regard. (Thank you, Leila)

"You're patient and willing to answer a LOT of questions however, you have zero patience for stupidity. You are caring but you don't coddle. Curious yet also sometimes frustratingly aloof."

I prefer to invest the time and effort into getting to know a person intimately. There is no preset rules list or a standard option when it comes to control and mastery. One person's buttons are very different from the next. I believe in euphoria, intense experiences, pushing the limits of whatever sensations we enjoy. I am kind and caring and protective to those who need it. I am cruel and sadistic and punishing to those who need it. I make it a point to know the difference intimately before engaging in behavior, and I expect no less in return. I am polite. I am hysterical. I am warm and engaging. I expect anyone in this arena to take it as seriously as I do.


Born and raised in Chicago, by way of upstate New York, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Maryland. Currently living near and working in DC.



16 years experience offline and on. Local club scene in Baltimore is a drag, and unless I’m going out with friends, which is rare but does happen on occasion, I don't care for it.

The majority of my preferences are for mental and psychological stimulation.

Fetishes, that is to say totemic obsession, are less important to me than the context of the encounter. I much prefer being able to shock, surprise, or excite with something simple and subtle that hits home with my partner than taking things to extremes to fit some expected manufactured image. You know it when you ‘get it’ or when it is forced.

Besides the casual encounters, flings, affairs, and general absurdity in this art we share, I have taken two official collars in my time, both lasting approximately three years each. Both ended after long distance relationships became untenable. This makes proximity or ability to travel very important. I am not a harem builder nor am I seeking more than one single person to fill the position, however that person must be exactly the right fit.



LTR, someone who can appreciate grace, charm and subtlety both in the relationship and in the bedroom. A friend and a lover as well as a submissive. If you cannot challenge me intellectually if even a little, I will lose interest quickly. My preferences are for sudden and unexpected sessions (predefined limits apply), hidden bondage or toys in public, behavior modification, and consistent and kinky sex. Choking, slapping, biting, leather restraints, caging, therianism and knot play, wax play, piercings, the exotic and the taboo. Will likely add other keywords as they come up. TPE friendly, but lets be honest, if we go that route I'm going to have to have known you for some time first.



Approx 30 miles from DC.



I am currently salaried management working in D.C. full time in IT engineering and infrastructure. I live very comfortably with my own home, car, and fun money. This does not mean I am going to be your sugar daddy, pay for your relocation, your new tits, or be your temporary landlord while we fuck.


What I seek

I am seeking someone young (18-25), local(ish), fit, unattached, and curious for eventual LTR and possible collar or live in situation if we match.

Though at least some familiarity with the concepts is a plus, I prefer to train and educate, and welcome friends as well as potential subs. Lack of experience is not a point against you, as it can be far more time consuming to untrain other people’s bad habits.

I prefer someone who genuinely enjoys spending time together with shared interests but also wants, and needs, to be dominated. Someone who can watch netflix and relax, and enjoy forced anal during intermission. Someone who likes to cook and find new dishes, and be taken over the kitchen counter.

A woman that can discuss literature intelligently, even while riding in my lap. Bonus points if you can read that way too.

Someone who is at home sitting quietly at my feet by the fire as much as being doted upon during playtime. Someone who can attend an opera or play in proper debutante attire one moment, and be equally at home as trailer trash slut whenever my whims dictate.

For right now; message, emails, phone calls, maybe a lunch date.

Later on; sessions and casual/weekend time.

Beyond; we will see if you are what I am looking for, and discuss long term arrangements.

I am in no hurry, and anyone expecting a new place to live or to be collared after first meeting should look elsewhere. My standards are high and I will not compromise, new friends are always a plus, but please dont take it personally if you are not exactly right.


Non BDSM interests
Introvert by nature, I enjoy reading, computer and role playing games, traditional pen and paper gaming, sharing music, movies, and discussing politics with friends. Animal lover, three cat household. Writer, never published. I enjoy cooking and the food network, dressing up in costumes for fun, going to conventions, local get togethers, or backyard time with friends. My fashion sense is terrible and I much prefer a logo tee and jeans, however most days I can be found in suit and tie for work. The cowboy hat is new but already a favorite.


Questions and answers:


Are you seeking a little/Are you a daddy dom?

No, I am not especially fond of the lifestyle, nor do I hold anything against it. I have been a Daddy Dom several times. I am very familiar with stuffies and story time and little space. Being called Daddy is fun. The unbelievable amount of immature bullshit that usually comes with it is not. Maybe you're the exception.


Will you help me move/Give me a room?

Solve your own problems.


Will you pay for-  



Why dont you have a collar if you’re so great?

Because my standards are high and my situation is unique. I prefer my sub be Right, and not just Right Now.


Would you consider an older woman?

Maybe. It depends entirely on you.

STD/STI/Safe Sex?

I am 100% clean and tested regularly and require you be as well.

The safety, health, and well being of my partners and potential-partners is not negotiable.

At least one method of birth control required.

Journal Entries:
6/25/2017 4:46:42 PM
Our wine tasting this year was lovely. Special thanks to our live string quartet who absolutely made the night, and to our patrons who surprised us with the anniversary glasses.
You made my evil heart melt and we are so very grateful to have you attend. 
Here's to another ten.

6/24/2017 3:02:46 AM
I am starting to become annoyed at the amount of people wasting time.

5/24/2017 3:06:48 AM
Because music.

5/17/2017 4:18:19 PM
Why are all the cute ones always so far away.

4/16/2017 4:48:01 AM
If you've any advice to offer an inexperienced dom, I'd appreciate hearing it, but I understand you are likely to have better things to do.

Never hurry. Of the mistakes I've made, the worst were always done in haste and could have been avoided.
No one but you can determine your style. If the person you are with wants you to change your style, change the person you are with instead.
And a little bit of patience solves just about every problem.
The same goes for kindness and compassion.

Hmm - perhaps one problem I need to solve first is "being better at finding partners and knowing which ones are worth making the effort for" - there are issues I should have probably let pass as "they weren't the right person for me" but still worry about instead.

I don't think that ever really goes away, I still worry about the next person to come along even after a decade plus of experience. That's where being patient comes in handy. The hardest thing for people to fake is consistency over time. When people start to flake out, it's usually the end of their limit. That's when the real person comes through. Everyone is flawed and I've never had a "perfect" match before. Figure out your own limits first, and hold yourself to them, and this life gets significantly easier.
Remember that you don't have to bend over backwards for your partner, topping someone properly is a huge time/emotion investment on your part and anyone who doesn't realize that or who doesn't respect that is bad news. It's not just a waste of time, it may have distracted you from someone much better who was only available for a short time.

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