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I identify as a Master, as a Dominant. I am self-controlled and self-aware. I'm straight, I'm
Male Dominant, 32,  New Orleans , Louisiana US

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StraightFemale Switch
Age: 36, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
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Age: 21, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm), Weight: 125 lbs.
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I identify as a Master, as a Dominant. I am self-controlled and self-aware. I'm straight, I'm not a swinger, and I don't play in public. I give respect and courtesy, and I expect it to be reciprocated.


I love creating and shaping, and when I'm not at work, I'm usually at my workbench carving, fixing something, or investigating something that has captured my imagination. I'm constantly working on my old truck, as well, which is a point of honor. I don't like giving up on things that have served me well, and this truck has been with me for 16 years. It deserves my respect and all the care it needs.


I love inventing and improving. I love learning new skills and practicing ancient ones, like knapping, smithing, finger weaving, and primitive bow hunting. I love to sing (barely adequately) and you should never, ever try to talk me into dancing. It's dangerous. Trust me.


If I'm not in my shop, you can usually find me in my chair by the fireplace, reading.


I am a Romantic in addition to being kinky. I'm looking for the girl I fall head over heels in love with, as well as in lust. I'm looking for my partner, my helper, someone who is an equal in ability and intelligence. I'm looking for the girl that I can be quiet with in the dark, without filling the spaces with meaningless words. I'm looking for the girl who complements and completes, is my right arm and support, and who I can cherish and build up. I don't want someone whom I have to fight, I want the woman who will fight with me. I would prefer something multidimensional and deep, rather than shallow and ultimately unfulfilling. Feel free to message me, and good luck finding what you need.


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I turn back up :). I took an extended leave from both public and private play, and only kept a few people on my friendslist who were either too awesome to offend, or not connected with me through my regular social media. 

A lot has changed. I returned to college to pursue a "love" degree that will hopefully be more marketable. I closed down my company to pay more attention to my scholarly pursuits. I still have the same truck (winning).

I spend more time in my shop than out these days, so if anyone was looking for me in the old stomping grounds, my apologies. I made a deliberate and studied decision to live in a slower paced, more meaningful, and less chaotic venue, and it's paid off. I learned that once you go slave, you can't behave, and abandoned attempts to force Vanilla relationships to function. Don't suppress the elemental and integral force of your nature... it's a misery.


That's about it. I'm back, sort of. Still more likely to be found in the forest than the dungeon.



Journal Entries:
12/18/2014 10:21:51 AM
I just sent this as a response to a friend on here, and I feel like it deserves a place in my journal. This describes part of who I am. There are times that it's hard for those of us who're Christian to synthesize our beliefs with this lifestyle, Our desires with our morals, and our goals with our impulses. It happens. I've received some rather disgusting messages about my faith here, and on other fetish sites, where people who espouse tolerance and understanding act intolerantly and hatefully to those Christians who stand beside them in BDSM. My friend was describing a Master who complained that he had "lost subs to God", and it was funny that it happened to her, too. My response follows. You know, it's funny that people think of it as "losing someone to God". I think that my brand of M/s is close to what is in the Bible. It's not against the nature of the original religion to own slaves and maidservants, to be polygamous or polygynous, or to discipline and command/ serve. It's one of the facets of how I embrace this lifestyle. Jesus and his disciples had some interesting things to say about slaves serving their Masters, and how Masters should treat them. We've "politically corrected" that out of the message over the last hundred years or so. I've never been particularly cruel, even when it was a part of my job. I look at being a Master/ dominant similarly to the way that I looked at being an NCO. It's my job to protect, train, discipline, help educate, and care (love) for the people under me. Possess, own... Sure, but in the end, there's a responsibility that goes both ways. Sometimes you need to be a bastard to get the job done, but that's not as enjoyable as when things are working well. It is, or should be, the exception, not the rule. Both partners need the security and the faith that each is doing their job well, and wants to. There's nothing more disappointing, in my experience, as a sub or slave who makes your life hell just to get a little negative attention or to get a rise so you'll hurt them. That's passive aggressive sadism, not masochism.  I always distrust people who say they're Dominant, but serve nothing. I see them as petty wannabe gods, like Herod. It always comes across to me like their actions are coming from a small, insecure place inside them that can never be filled.

12/15/2014 7:31:21 PM
By the way, feel free to message me first. I know that a lot of Dominants insist on being the first to contact, but I think that's just silly on the Internet. I respond to almost every message I receive (excepting the ones that make my eyes want to boil and seep out of my face). Thanks for the interest and warmth so far. Jair

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