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Hello Collar Me.   I am Mistress Jaded Love.   I am a ProDomme New to the Knoxvi
Female Dominant, 36,  Eastern, Tennessee US

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Hello Collar Me.


I am Mistress Jaded Love.


I am a ProDomme New to the Knoxville area.


I am on CollarMe looking to expand My client base, meet new people and make new Lifestyle Friends within the community, both local and abroad.


I am not your ordinary ProDomme.


I am a sexy BBMistress with long auburn hair, piercing dark green eyes, and curves to make your mouth water.

I am Fun Loving, Intelligent, Creative, & can be Extremely Cruel, Sadistic and Sensual.


I'm looking for those who can fulfill My wants & I will fulfill their darkest needs.


I am very open minded.


I love BDSM and what I do. I love making a connection with My clients. I find that it makes for a deeper session where it is more pleasurable for all involved. And that is what it is about for Me... The head space... the Power Exchange between sub and Domme... Taking My clients through subspace and back again. I have a variety of interests and love learning and exploring new things... this allows Me to offer alot of different scenes for My clients. 


I offer Roleplay scenes as well, and can play everything from your Cruel Girl Next Door to your Beautiful Bitch Goddess to your Sexy Strict Disciplinarian.



Personal Message Me to discuss Session Details.


Finally got My site up..

Journal Entries:
11/14/2017 1:40:18 PM
Well. This week has had some promising turn of events. Had a bit of fun with a couple clients, but really only wet My appetite. Now I am thirsty like a wolf... Who wants to feel Me bite. > ; ) 

11/9/2017 7:37:24 PM
Been too long since I have beat a good ass. Who is up for the wrath of MissJade?

11/3/2017 5:38:52 AM
Started off the week with My computer shooting sparks and going dead. Soooooo NEED a butt to beat. #NOT_Happy

8/14/2017 4:28:00 PM
This week as been something else to say the least....need to unwind!....

Feeling VERY frisky this search of a little pain slut or sissy who can fulfil My wants and I can take care of their darkest that you?..P.M Me for details...and lets find out!

8/11/2017 6:19:52 AM it is AGAIN...I need a new driver....some little shits just dont know their place...

so this is what Im looking for...if your interested...p.m Me...

Personal Driver Needed Part Time

Independent Contractor looking to hire 1-3 personal drivers for part time work.

-You must-
-Clean, Professional, Discreet
-Have Valid DL & Insurance
-Legal, Clean Transportation

I am an Independent Contractor that generally works Evenings & Weekends (Some Days).
I am looking for 1-3 personal drivers I can keep on call.

-I am Offering-
-$20hr Min. 3hrs / Max 6hrs

Reply to discuss details.

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