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FIRST THING...I DO NOT SKYPE or use CS chat feature!!! Please read My profile completely be
Female Dominant, 56,  Upstate area, South Carolina US

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 Dominant Female

 Upstate area 

 South Carolina

 5' 2"





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

FIRST THING...I DO NOT SKYPE or use CS chat feature!!!

Please read My profile completely before contacting Me...emails from those I feel have not read the entire profile or do not comply with My instructions will be deleted without a response...


My name is Mistress Anne, I deserve and demand respect. If you approach Me in email please be sure to have a photo posted or attach one to the email. Also, your email should be more than just a hello or other such nonsense, I desire real conversation not just chit chat.


I am seeking a true, single male slave, interested in a full time - 24/7/365, live-in situation to serve and provide Me with a stress free life. Those I am most wanting to hear from should be between but not limited to the ages of 33 and 59 and should be 'slave' by nature rather than just identifying as submissive. You should also be willing to relocate or at the least be able to move Me to you. 



I have no desire to be Mistress to cam subs and DO NOT Skype or move to other message places just because you don't like emailing here. I also have no desire to use the 'chat' program here, all requests will be declined.


If you are Dominant, that is fine, but I am not seeking to be submissive to any Dominant male and do not wish to have a Dom in My life or household. If you are "switch", please keep searching, I have no interest.


I have no interest in foreign slaves or those who wish to do online. I am not looking to be a host for those coming to America on Visa or seeking green card status.


If your profile is not complete, make sure your email does include information or it will be ignored. If your profile is full of lies or made up 'facts' I will be able to tell and those emails to will be ignored.


I am D/D free, non smoker and expect same from you. Never married, no children and prefer non married and grown or no children in slave candidates.



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