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* * * Only exchanging messages for now, not considering meeting unless it's a very strong matc
Female Dominant, 44,  Ohio US

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 Dominant Female


 5' 11"

 225 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

* * * Only exchanging messages for now, not considering meeting unless it's a very strong match * * * 


I am a sadomasochist looking only for masochist subs. If you cannot handle pain, move on. 

  • Must have few or no limits 

  • No online play 

  • No daytime 

  • No sex 

  • No one over 55 years old

  • No one over 250 lbs

  • No sissies 

Do not send me a long, rambling message – I am unlikely to waste time reading it or responding.

If you write to me, you must have a photo on your profile or provide one. 


Journal Entries:
8/18/2017 10:17:09 AM
Sure, I know it's people in general and not just subs, but the flaking, the ghosting, the lack of communication just gets so old. As does the seemingly complete inability of some to read a profile. Why are you writing to me if you don't meet the basics? I am not going to lower my standards just because you claim to be obedient and willing to serve - that's already in the definition of a sub. And distance, holy fuck is it that difficult to comprehend that I will not consider someone who is states away or in another country?! How desperate do you want to look? It seems that common sense and the realities of life take a back seat to desires around here and that does nobody any good.

6/20/2017 5:33:04 PM
Up and down... that's my life. Seemed to have a potential relationship developing and then it fell apart. So dating is a thing now. At the same time I'm considering sessions with subs. Would be great if I could find a sub that was the right fit for a real relationship too. Problem is most don't know how to have a public relationship with a domme without acting overly subby all the time. 

9/18/2016 4:08:11 PM
Frustration level is really high right now. At the point of maybe giving it up entirely but I don't want to. I've met a couple of subs recently who seem to be a good fit. We talk a little then meet casually and then we move on to having a session... things seem to go well. We both have a good time. I don't meet anyone unless I really think that we're going to get along and have a good time. Then sporadic contact and then nothing. If things are not working out the way you want them to is it really so difficult to say so? Especially in this lifestyle, it's important to communicate things and if I've done something that you really don't enjoy or you really hoped things would go in a different direction you have to say something. If we've gotten to the point of actually doing things behind closed doors then obviously we get along well enough and trust each other enough that things should go reasonably well. I just wish people didn't have the attitude that it's not important enough to say goodbye and good luck.

3/30/2016 2:29:56 PM
Sure, it can be difficult to find the right sub or dom. But it's just as difficult to let one go when things just don't seem to be working out. I had to do that last week. I've had this sub for close to two years - not a long time, but things seemed to fit pretty well. Primarily it was intended to be a chastity arrangement that also involved beatings and certain aspects of servitude. He was not the most reliable when it came to scheduling and meeting, but I let a lot of that go because we got along so well. But ultimately, it came down to the fact that he failed to learn. I explained my communication preferences multiple times, but things never changed and it resulted in many missed opportunities. I don't expect a sub to be perfect in all things, but consideration for your domme's preferences is important. My time will be better spent on a sub who pays attention.

3/16/2016 3:55:11 PM
As a sign of just how much I trust my favorite sub, we tried breath play with nitrous this weekend. I'll admit that I was nervous (I've never done anything like it), but he knew what he was doing so I was willing to give it a try. And I'm glad I did. I liked the effect it had on him and really enjoyed my own experience. It's definitely a fun addition to the things we do together. 

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