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  Seeking Master   or Daddy, Dom to move ito ND.   Or someone to 
Male Slave, 40,  Fargo, North Dakota US

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Bisexual Male Dominant
Age: 48, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 178 lbs.
Location: DALLAS, Texas
Last on 1/22/14 at 4:15 PM
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Gay Male Slave
Age: 60, Height: 6ft 2in (188 cm), Weight: 190 lbs.
Location: MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
Last on 11/16/17 at 2:53 AM
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Bisexual Male Dominant
Age: 37, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 190 lbs.
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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  Seeking Master   or Daddy, Dom to move ito ND.   Or someone to   summer or winter here if you like the cold  North  winter activities.   knew of slave soul at 14 still learning about and enjoying ever moment of it. soul path and grow together. slave is very dynamic. Many talents and interests. Know that those are for the Master and will shape and develop. also know that its interests talents and skills make it what it is. it (slave) is of great value despite the use of it as a title. Learned long ago that it is what one feels and knows inside that shapes and says it all. Those deep feelings that are understood and enjoyed. O/one has to have a healthy self view. SM BD, WS very sensitive nips, can be played with for hours. pain and pleasure centers. just to name a few. flight is amazing in a session and after, as well as in daily routine life. Just from the connection with the Master that shared energy that exists and can be brought right to the surface for all to see in a moments notice. not looking for just hook ups and play. one has to have fun as well, but need a Master who wants a slave for life who needs that on going interaction. slave tries to be well balanced. Enjoy nature, grew up on the country, appreciate animals, plants, etc. love to garden both veggie and flowers, is a way to center and relax besides being bound and hooded *grin*. A great cook, love to bake and can make anything from country cooking to fine dinners. Enjoys antiques and the hunt, even though have things never feel that own them, everything is just part of this existence. Things that it has felt in its heart and being and thru experience. to be free in slavery is a gift. Seems difficult for most to understand this as well as to be real in life. it is not perfect by any means, and is full of feeling and emotions, hopes sooner rather than later to find a Master who can appreciate all of those things and not fear sharing those things with a slave fully Expect that the Master will look after (THIS does not mean a full ride money wise) the slave and know what takes to live the life, am not going to just run all over the country blindly haphazardly. Can give a great deal and do so willingly. it enjoys some of the , like to have nice things. again can be taken to many area of slave hood from long term bondage isolation to out in the public eye with no one aware of its life inside the home unless they know that a collar means. *grin* The Master makes shapes and molds the slave, unless O/one happens to be a perfect match and that so rarely happens. Are You the ONE it does have pics to share am the boy next door no slim Jim or muscle bound, working out toning up more. have a ways to go.  "

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