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I am a dominant man, it is as simple as that and too many people try to make things complicate
Male Dominant, 55,  Hershey & VA Beac, Virginia US

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 Dominant Male

 Hershey & VA Beac 


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I am a dominant man, it is as simple as that and too many people try to make things complicated. I am strict Master, but you will also be cherished, loved and protected if you are mine. You will know your place which is where you desire to be. Any punishment will match the crime.I love to teach and to make my woman the best she can be. I enjoy increasing the experience of the mind which will make your body hungry for pleasure, but stimulation the body can make your mind come alive. They both should be in concert. The dynamic between Master and submissive can be amazing, with all types of play to where is very addicting and you would crave so much more. To find that threshold between pleasure and pain. To take you on the edge not knowing what will take place, but deep in side you know you are safe. There is joy in wickedness and inventive ways to enjoy life that enbodies our secret desires. I would give purpose, consistancy, discipline, structure, and you will learn to know your place my strict guiding hand. Communications is key to any successful M/s relationship. So looking for my woman to be herself in all ways. To enjoy our lifestyle and each other. Your Master must be fed what he needs and a submissive must also be fed what she needs. I want to nuture your submission to have you grow to your fullest potential with all your feminine and sensuality. Life is meant to be lived from laughter to the very serious.

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