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I need a slave to make me a website ASAP!   *WARNING I AM A FIN DOMME* ♦Welcome
Female Dominant, 18,  Maryland US

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I need a slave to make me a website ASAP!



♦Welcome to the Kingdom 👑 of Queen Phoenix ♦

To all the subs that's had a glimpse at pure royalty that is me, don't forget your manners. Remember to tribute regularly in order to keep your Queen happy and sufficed. Tribute a lot and you'll get my attention for sure.

If you are a stray, tell me and the training will begin. I will teach you, brain wash you, and make you realize how much you really and truly want to worship me. You will understand that I am your superior, I am your Queen.

You will address me as Queen and only Queen, pet names are unacceptable. Approach me incorrectly and you'll get blocked with the quickness.

I am willing to Skype with you to learn about you, your kinks and your limits. I understand that a lot of 'Dommes' on here are fake but some of us actually are real and willing to build a domme/sub relationship.

I disclaim that anyone that is not aware of the meaning of Findom goes to research it and if you're not dedicated to the fetish or me that you go elsewhere and don't waste my time. Don't message me with your shitty definition of findom, I don't care and you'll just be blocked. People have different fetishes so you do you and I'll do me.

Stay in check and you'll enjoy your time here.

Queen Phoenix 👑💋


I only respond to people who answer the questions in my second picture to prove you read my profile.

Journal Entries:
9/16/2017 11:14:19 AM
No I don't want to be hynotised
No I don't want to be your sub/slave
No I don't want any in home slaves right now
No I don't want ANYTHING that's not written in my profile


9/16/2017 11:07:30 AM
I'll only respond to finsubs that answer the questions in my second picture to show dedication and that you're actually a finsub

9/16/2017 11:05:30 AM
Only message me about a poly household if:
1 You're brothers or #2
2 Are very good looking
3 Between 23 and 28
4 Have a decent job or income
5 Males only

Hopefully you'll like the idea of having slaves as well but its okay if not

9/2/2017 8:08:40 AM
The most annoying thing you can do is message me without reading a single word of my profile. I AM A FIN DOMME. If you're profile is anti-findom then why are you messaging me and asking me to step on your balls? Save yourself a cuss out and READ MY PROFILE.

9/2/2017 8:06:19 AM
No I won't tell you my life story or why I got in to findom. I'm not asking for your pity I'm asking for y(our) money. Some guy messaged me asking why I got in to "findom" and I told him the truth only for him to say my story was bullshit. So no, I won't tell you.

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