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      Hello, I am wanting to explore the bdsm lifestyle more. I am submissiv
Female Submissive, 22,  LAS VEGAS, Nevada US

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    Hello, I am wanting to explore the bdsm lifestyle more. I am submissive, with a bit of experience in some areas. I am in love with the lifestyle and experimenting with new things. I am also interested in exploring total control. I also enjoy talking to people about the lifestyle, getting advice, and having a good conversation. 

I am not interested in a poly household, so please don't ask. 

What I love about bdsm is the intimacy that comes with it as well as the trust. I want to be able to give my trust and my surrender to someone. 

     I would like to find a Master who is strict, consistent, and fair. I want this person to be my best friend, lover, master, and so on. Not looking for a one night stand. I'd like someone who can make me laugh, discipline me, and who I can make happy. I love serving, pleasing, and would like to find a man I can treat like my King. 


     I've always been attracted to very stern men who do not have to raise their voice in order to get obedience. I love spanking, bondage, obedience training, orgasm control, whipping, hair pulling, collars, leashes, a bit of manhandling, and much more. :) 

* I am also a very service oriented sub. I love pleasing and serving. It makes me very happy and excited to pamper a man and cook for him as well as other things on top of any bdsm things we do. 

* If you want to know more about me and what kind of submissive I am, read my journal. :) 


Journal Entries:
6/16/2017 10:34:22 PM
I was bored tonight and wanted to talk about some of the things that make me a happy submissive. I get asked sometimes what kind of submissive I am. I see myself as a mixed submissive. I love servicing and pleasing. Once in a while I crave to be made to perform slave tasks. And I am also a tiny bit of a baby girl. Yes I love having beautiful red marks, bruises, and rough play but I also love to be cuddled and pampered once in a while. 

What makes me happy is being able to please. To do little things that will get his attention. Doll up for a night out. Buy some new sexy lingerie. Anticipating his needs before he asks and getting a pleased smile and a "good girl".( When I say "him" or "his", I am talking about any future dominant I have.) I want to be able to kneel for someone, wear his collar, leash, and be a good girl. I love to try new things, and seeing the sadistic delight Dominants get out of pushing limits. I love training. I know some subs dread the hard training in the beginning but I love it because I am being taught how to make someone happy; I am being taught what they like. I am learning about myself. Most importantly I am becoming closer to my dominant and making him proud of me for every accomplishment. 

I enjoy being put in my place. I am not a weakling, a doormat, or spineless because I let a man control me, dominate me, and give me lots of delicious beatings. I am a woman who is genuinely happy serving another, and I feel sexy and more confident and strong actually. Submission empowers me, while also reducing me to a submissive pile of goo in the presence of a real dominant. :)  Something special is when my heart starts racing, my eyes light up in delight, and I get a huge smile on my face. That is the moment my dominant gives me an order, and I will always love that special moment. Some of the things I enjoy are pain, orgasm control, collars, leashes, bit of manhandling, taking on domestic duties like rubbing feet or cooking dinner, and I want to explore worship.

I really hope to one day find a Dominant. A real dominant. I'll know when I meet him. He does not have to tell me he is a dominant, and a badass, and so so experienced. I'll know by the way I react to him. When my body shivers, when my heart races, when my excitement grows, and when the words I want to say so so badly are "Yes Sir", I'll know he's real. It may take a few tries, a few heartbreaks, a few obstacles, but I hope this would be my life some day. 

1/7/2017 1:13:54 AM
Here is something I want to get off my chest. If you message me, then thank you. But if I don't answer right away don't get mad at me. I may be busy. I have family. I have 2 jobs. I go to school.I am usually logged in on my phone for easy access so it may show me online when I am not. Sorry if that's an issue but its convenient for me.  I have a life. You are not my Dom. Don't order me to respond. I don't jump at your commands.

I am grateful that you took time to message me. I will look at them and get back to you when I can. Don't be mean. Don't call me names. Don't get butt hurt like a pre teen getting rejected. If you send me a polite nice message, I will try to respond soon. My friends know this. Don't be a jerk. Don't call me a slut, cunt, bitch or whore. You are a stranger and I don't like being talk to that way by a stranger.  Your harsh words actually hurt. I am not a worthless sub because I don't respond within 2 minutes of receiving your message. So don't be mean please. I wish you all luck, but don't be petty.

1/4/2017 2:44:22 AM
Hopefully I get 23 spankings for my birthday this year. Here's hoping! :) More is always welcomed of course and at the discretion of the dominant. Hopefully more ;) Lots more..

..Some girls want clothes and purses...hmm I want a flogger, dragon tail, and a cane..Maybe a heart shaped crop for romance, and pretty red marks...

Ohh and can't forget candles..of course I want it dripping wax on me instead of on my cake ;) (something I've always wanted to try). Not that traditional but makes the birthday lady a very very happy subbie.  (BTW happy new year everyone!) 

12/8/2016 1:40:28 AM
Can't sleep. Wish I had a Dom of my own to serve and hold me while I sleep....

10/12/2016 3:05:34 AM
The more you go without something, sometimes you crave it more than anything. I miss the hair pulling, the sting from the dragon tail, the skin on skin from a bare hand spanking, the stripes from the cane, and the marks from the paddle. I crave domination every single day and I will be so happy and grateful when I find a dom to serve. :)

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