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I'm a 56 yo monogamous sub (NOT A SLAVE) new to BDSM seeking a single white monogamous experie
Female Submissive, 56,  Florence, Mississippi US

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 Submissive Female



 5' 2"

 150 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

I'm a 56 yo monogamous sub (NOT A SLAVE) new to BDSM seeking a single white monogamous experienced Dom (50-60) for one on one only...won't share my partner or myself with anyone. Must live in/nearby my local area: Brandon, Florence, Flowood, Pearl, Madison, Mendenhall, Richland or Ridgeland, MS. Must have a full head of hair and have a large cock..not be bald headed, sorry but it's a major turn off. You must have time for me on a regular basis, not just when it's convenient with your schedule. If you're interested, then send me a polite message including your zodiac sign. I'm compatible with 4 of the signs and don't want to waste your time or mine. I have many curiosities and fetishes but haven't tried all of them. NOT willing to relocate! I don't have Kik/Skype or other messenger and won't send nude photos to your email or other means so please don't ask. If you don't live in Mississippi,there's no point in contacting me. Been married twice and both were vanilla and hated it. I won't marry again or help raise any other children. Please read my profile to the end as I took the time to type it out. Please note upfront that I won't sign a contract. If you have any type of snoring problem,it won't work out for us...sorry! I must have quiet when trying to sleep or I won't be any good to you or myself. I refuse to call any M/D 'Daddy',only my real dad had that privilege and he's deceased. If you're a druggie/alcoholic,then you can stop reading now. I'm DDF and plan on keeping it that way! I'm a smoker but if that's a problem for you, sorry. I do have hard limits but are within reason and they must be respected. Some of them are due to health conditions and some aren't. I'm NOT looking for:Couples,WOMEN,FWB, married men,play partners,weekend encounters,one night stands,online/LDR or being a 3rd/4th wheel,pack/house,sugar daddy,NSA, sexting,swinging or being your side chick. You'll have to earn your trust/respect with me before I'll be obedient and submit to you.Trust comes before obedience and submission is earned. Trust/respect is earned,not demanded or bought. I'm only interested in the B/D and D/S, not the S/M part of the lifestyle. Must be willing to go slow and take your time getting to know me. Yes I'm new to the lifestyle but do know a lot about it,and not a naive person about the BDSM culture. I don't mind having some of my limits pushed,if I like it then those limits can be removed but some limits I'll never bend on. My mommy dearest and both ex husbands put me through a lot of mental/physical & emotional abuse,it won't happen to me ever again! If you want to beat on something,then find an oak tree/concrete wall/punching bag! I'm not into abuse or beatings. Born/raised in Jackson but moved to Rankin County in 2002 and love living the country life. I'm a very faithful,loyal,peaceful,honest and trusting person.Trust and honesty is very important to me in any relationship. I'm as real as they come,and not gonna change just to get people to like me. If anyone doesn't like me for who I am,then that's their problem not mine. I'm not trying to change anyone and I expect the same courtesy. I'm only responsible for what I say,not for what you understand or comprehend.        

Interests/Hobbies:Art,Astrology,Boating,Camping,Cookouts,Concerts,Facebook,Fishing, Interior Decorating,Movie Theaters,Mud Riding,Museums,Nature,Online Poker,Pool Halls,Reading,RocknRoll Music,Swimming and Travel.   


Not interested in:Arguing,Bars,Drama,Night Clubs,Sports,20 Questions,Violence or Women!  


Curiosities/fetishes: basorexia,begging,ben wa balls,biting,blowjobs,bondage, breast;nipple torture,chastity belt with two remote vibrating plugs,candle wax, chastity belt,chastity devices,cock worship,cocksucking,cunnilingus(receiving), dildos,discipline,doctor/nurse play,eye contact restrictions,feathers,fishnets, fucking machines,hair pulling,handcuffs,lingerie,Dom/submissive,obedience training,oral sex,pinching,porn,pantyhose/stockings,prostate massage(giving), pussy and clit pumping(receiving),spanking,remote-control devices,crops,rimming, rope bondage/suspension,sensual hot oil massages,smoking,spanking,talking dirty,toys,whips,vibrators,whip cream,floggers,ice cubes and white men only. 


Hard limits: age play,animals,anonymous encounters,ATM,bathroom use control, blood play,boot licking,branding,breath play,caging,confinement,catheters, children,choking,consensual nonconsentual,corporal punishment,corset training, crawling,daddy/girl,degradation,diapers,drugs,electrical play,electrotorture, enemas,face farting,face slapping,figging,fire flogging,fire play,fisting,flesh hooks,gangbangs,gas masks,group sex,head shaving,hoods,human ashtray,human furniture,human toilet,humiliation,infidelity,interracial sex,kicking,kneeling, latex,liquor,masks,masochism,master/slave,needle play,nun/priest play,online play,orgies,piercings,polyamory,rubber,sadism,scarification,severe/harsh pain, sex with strangers,smothering,spitting,staples,swinging,tens unit,threesomes, vacuum bed,verbal/public humiliation and/or degradation,violence,violet wand or water sports.














Journal Entries:
9/11/2017 12:23:36 PM
Well today I woke up 24 hours older than I was yesterday. The only thing different is my last digit changed from 5 to 6. Yep, my birthday is today and am now 56 and still haven't found anyone compatible to spend my time with to celebrate my once a year event. If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all....gloom, despair and agony on me! Have a great weekend y'all ~   

9/8/2017 3:46:16 PM
I have to get this off my chest. This so called Dom from another site, was trying to train me see just how submissive I am. Things were going fairly well until we got to a certain point. He wanted me to pleasure myself, told me to lick/suck play with my tits. I did and then he asked if I felt any sensations or good feelings, when I answered him honestly with "Actually it didn't do anything for me and I don't enjoy self pleasure, if I have to pleasure myself then I don't need a man". He then asked "So if I were to ask you to spread your legs and play with yourself while playing with your own tits, you wouldn't do it?" I told him "Yes I'd do it, but wouldn't enjoy it and wouldn't have a smile on my face...and would be a major turnoff." He told me that I'm a submissive but only to an extent and I have dominant qualities. He said I'm not trainable and I ended the conversation. LMMFAO!  

Bottom line is this: If I have to play with myself then wtf do I need a Dom for? I'd rather be playing with him. If I'm spending my time pleasuring myself then how am I able to bring pleasure to him? I don't need that kind of dom. Hell, if that's what a sub does then I'm not a sub. I don't get off on self pleasure and I damn sure ain't no clit licker!!! Geesh, back to the drawing board I go...........   

8/29/2017 11:25:02 AM
It's odd when a person types the word (de-scrip-tion) all together without spaces.. deion turns into deion. Don't believe me?..try typing out the word and save changes. It won't be the same word when you look at it. DEION GOES TO DEION.... how stupid and we aren't making typos. This site doesn't recognize that word and changes it for you. Strange shit if ya ask me!

7/27/2017 7:06:31 PM
To all dominant male members in my local area: If you contact me wanting to get to know me better, you'll need to have already read my entire profile AND live within the local areas of Rankin/Simpson county.   If you fit into the category of what I'm looking for, remember that you MUST be a compatible sign with me which includes: Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio or Taurus. Also know that I won't play 20-75 questions with you. I have 99.9% of all things about me on my profile that'll answer your questions about me. There's many clues that will let me know if you actually read my profile to the end. I'll know if you've read it based on how your words/comments/questions are sent to me in your messages. This Virgo is very intuitive/intelligent and can pick up on vibes easily. So don't think you can fool me, cuz you can't. 

When you message me, be polite and careful with your words. I can lash back at anyone that lashes out to me 10 fold. Please don't send me 3 to 4 word messages, I'll delete the message without hesitation. If you can't carry on a reasonable conversation, please save us both time and effort and don't contact me at all. Thanks and have a great day! 

7/1/2017 8:30:31 PM
***EDIT** I thought I found the right one for me but all he wants to do is chat on here and by emails and still doesn't feel comfortable talking by phone at this time, but he's comfortable enough to sit there and type out the whole damn conversation.. Yet we've been chatting since 6/28/17 He wants to continue emails and I want to talk by phone, as it's much faster than the slow emails and more can be said by phone a hell of a lot faster. I'm not gonna spend my time sitting here typing throughout the whole relationship. If you don't want to talk or don't feel comfortable talking to me by phone PLEASE do us both a HUGE favor....DON'T contact me to begin with.  I am NOT here to play GAMES PERIOD! I'm not the texting/email type person, I like to say it all on the phone and be done with. Some/many people just LOVE to text/email..but not this chick. Each to their own, but leave me out of it. 

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