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Assalam aleikum,   As the profile text says, I am a salafi muslim brother. A
Male Dominant, 33,  Mekka, Saudi Arabia

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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 28, Height: 5ft 3in (160 cm), Weight: 130 lbs.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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 Dominant Male


 Saudi Arabia

 5' 9"

 143 lbs


 Middle Eastern



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Submissive Female

Assalam aleikum,


As the profile text says, I am a salafi muslim brother.

And looking for a woman willing to live in pardaa.

Or purdah as some western persons tells it.

I am searching for either a purdah wife, or a purdah slave.

A purdah wife  must either be muslim, or accept to revert.

And she has the right to divorce.

She must accept to better her knowledge in Islam.

She will have no contacts with outside world.

Music, TV, magazine-->HARAM!


Only allowed readings : islamic approved lectures and Q'Ran.

Must also accept harsh punishment.

Wearing niqab/hijab is mandatory.

Oh, an NO MAN/NO TRAV/NO TRANS!!I insist, as a salafi  I am not interested in any kind of D/S relationship with a man. UNLESS this person can provide me with a female slave, then you might have my interest.

Last word, I don't have any picture, not because I am afraid to show my face(can do it, we can even phone..), but because I consider showing publically is also not very halal.

A purdah slave does can only be a non muslim (it is forbidden for a muslim to enslave another muslim), so no need to revert and to learn islam. And she has no right.

Edit : I should move to Europe, Germany for professional reasons soon.

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