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We aren't getting the response from serious potential slaves we would like so here's another a
Dom/Slave Couple, 71/42,  Fort Myers, Florida US

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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 28, Height: 5ft 4in (163 cm)
Location: California
Last on 9/10/17 at 10:55 AM






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 Dom/Slave Couple

 Fort Myers 




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 6' 0"

 210 lbs



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 5' 5"



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A Poly Household

We aren't getting the response from serious potential slaves we would like so here's another attempt to communicate who we are and what we seek...


Us..... We're a smart, educated, professional male dominant couple who live our bdsm as our life focus. The dominant is a physical and emotional sadist and has many decades of experience in bdsm communities around the country and has owned live-in slaves of all genders for most of his adult life. We believe he is reasonably skilled, competent, totally dedicated and addicted to the Master/slave dynamic and might even have gained some wisdom over the years about making long term M/s work successfully. The slave in this couple is a highly service oriented masochist with a hectic and important (and public) career, she is very happy to consider and welcome another slave or two to the family assuming they bring no drama or jealousy with themselves. We have a nice private home, enjoy SW Florida beaches and life. We are liberal, open minded, sort of secular buddhist in philosophy and despite our overpowering fetish and need to live bdsm as our way of life enjoy many things in the vanilla world as well. We love animals and might not trust you if you don't too. We are also seen as pretty extreme in all areas of this lifestyle.... SM, the M/s dynamic, domestic servitude, humiliation, bondage etc. We believe it takes everything working together to make the M/s work long term, plus we actually like most everything that is part of this lifestyle.


You... We are NOT looking for a unicorn or third wheel to us as a couple, we are looking for a slave to join us as a full fledged member of our beginning poly family. We are picky about who we will live with, but not in the inconsequential and superficial ways. We don't care much about age, race, hair color, dress style, ethnic background, body type etc What we are picky about is integrity, honesty (with us and with yourself), overall mental health, having an open mind but more specifically to bdsm; we need you to be driven to live your slavery as the most important thing in your life. We know how hard it is to do and if it's just a casual desire no one can keep the focus and endure the hardships of being a (or maybe our) slave. You also have to be capable and ready to commit totally. That sounds easy but when the chips are down we really mean totally with nothing held back. No safety net, no way back without the Master's help and support. Again from experience we know you have to believe you have no more choices or you will not be successful when things get difficult and rough. So what we seek is a genuinely 'good person' who cares about others, isn't selfish or jealous who shares our intense need to push boundaries and live a constantly evolving and expanding life focused on our shared bdsm. Ask yourself what would you give up for a chance for this life? now, forget the answer and ask yourself what you WON'T give up for that chance and if there is anything on the list we probably aren't the right owner or situation for you.


A few things... we don't believe bdsm can be lived to the extant that we want with children in the household (for moral, legal and common sense reasons). Male slaves almost always live in chastity devices and need acceptance that their sex life will be one of service to others. We expect everyone in the family to be making contributions to the household, we respect and need competence and are not looking for a slave to take care of, we know slaves have to produce and work at something to be successful over time. We don't use chat on this site. We are in this to find a slave or eventually maybe two who will be permanent members of our family, we don't do much (or any) casual play and are not looking for play partners at this time in our lives. 


Despite all this harsh 'tough love' talk we actually laugh, have good senses of humor and enjoy life no matter what it brings to us. 


Photos of Master are reasonably recent, some of the photos of bdsm are a little older. We won't lie about it, he is older but when you meet him you may well thing he's 25 years younger than he is. As we said, we don't think age is a big factor in bdsm compatibility because we are a generation apart and know we're the best fit and match either of us has ever had, maybe ever seen. 


If you have an interest or question feel free to write, if you think we might be helpful to you in finding your path even if we're 'over the top' for you at this time we'd be happy to do what we can to help any sincere submissive find their path. 






Journal Entries:
9/15/2017 6:34:48 AM
Update... still no power no ISP and sketchy cell phone service. have a lot of trees still down to be cut up and moved to the road for hurricane cleanup crews. Standing water floating coconuts across the far back of the property and some magnolias and fruit trees submerged and probably dying. m is back to work so it's me and the cat vs lots of big ole pine trees and some palms. 

Urban camping isnt isn't for the faint of heart. We do have a generator, propane grill and three burner stove so eating and drinking is good   We only have one bedroom with ac but that's helpful. No hot water but cooling off is good and the water is never truly cold here anyway. It sure could be worse although a couple of able bodied slaves would be helpful! 

9/9/2017 12:13:25 PM
We're home, house survived just fine. The grounds took a beating (no pun) so we both have put in long hot days to try to get things back to normal.  No power no internet,  sporadic access via cell phone data. We have one room cooled from our generator but even the cat doesn't think that's enough. 

Trees and other things are only "stuff". The important issue is we are ok and will survive. Relationships are the most important thing, said the relationship junkie Dominant .....

9/4/2017 4:16:48 PM
Just a quick note to let those who we have known a long time and those we're just meeting and talking with now know what's going on here. It now seems likely that Irma is heading directly at us in Fort Myers and could be a giant of a hurricane when it does. We are going to finish up getting the house and grounds as tied down (no pun) as possible and head over to the east coast of Florida for a few days until we're allowed back here. We are probably not going to be effected by storm surge but it's possible this could still be a cat 4 or even 5 when it gets here and who knows what sort of construction can hold up to 160 mile an hour winds... the things we have aren't important just the people we know and care for. We'll let ya'll know how we're doing and what sort of mess we have here when we get back. Until then take care

7/19/2017 4:22:35 AM
Thunder has been great. The experience of being in a totally diverse group of bdsm people reminds me that vibrant kink communities are possible when we all get together. The mix of ages, sexual preferences, genders, fetishes etc create an amazing energy that I've been missing. This year's event is bittersweet, we lost Rich this past year but his spouse Brian has committed to the next three years for Thunder at the same venue. This is the 20th anniversary and drew 1100 happy attendees. It's been 13 years since I was a volunteer and it shocked me how few people I recognized, all of the board of directors have joined after I moved to Mexico and now Florida. The new people organizing and attending give this event fresh energy and creativity. That's all reassuring to me but it would have been great to see more of the 'old gang.' Also the classes were great

Wow... Saturday night play was amazing.... so wonderful to see intense hard core play mixed with new people just getting started. Gives me hope that despite the internet, the demise of local bdsm clubs and community in many locales bdsm is alive and well somewhere....

2/23/2017 10:09:45 AM
We just booked for Thunder in the Mountains, we would LOVE to meet up with people interested in getting to know us there, we have months to get started with emails, IM's, phone calls etc ahead of time. Besides it's the best bdsm event I've ever been to and lots of fun....

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