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Years ago, I was in a steady relationship with a dominant woman. It was not a traditional S+M
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Years ago, I was in a steady relationship with a dominant woman. It was not a traditional S+M relationship with all the games and weird stuff; instead, it revolved around a serious spanking.


I've read on more than one occasion that a special bond develops between the one who administers the spanking and the receiver of that spanking.


I was spanked with my own belt and I was required to wear it at all times. There is something very humiliating in having to remove your leather belt and hand it over to someone else so they can spank you with it. After the spanking, I hated having to pick the belt up and thread it back through the loops of my pants. I didn't want to touch it and I certainly didn't want to wear it around all the time.  


Punishments were given for instances where I was disrespectful, disobedient, thoughtless or inconsiderate.  Swearing would get me spanked.  Failure to do everything on my chore list would get me spanked.


This was not a game where I would deliberately misbehave in order to be punished. It was actually quite the opposite; where I would strive to be on my best behavior at all times. The punishment sessions were not to be taken lightly, but it was the period afterward that I really treasured. The open and honest dialog, it was almost like making up after a fight.


One of the things I did when I was involved with a previous mistress was that I was required to give her a foot rub as we sat on the couch and watched TV in the evening.  It ended up being a nice time for the both of us because it relaxed her and put her in a good mood as we talked about a wide range of subjects and discussed with each other as to how our respective days had gone at work.  I was also required to give a lot of back rubs and to scrub her back whenever she bathed in the shower or soaked in the tub.  Tasks like that aren't some game between mistress and servant, they are common tasks that any good caregiver would do for the person they loved.



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