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I'm not really here seeking anything all too serious, just looking to talk to others with simi
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I'm not really here seeking anything all too serious, just looking to talk to others with similar interests and maybe engage in a bit of RP or online play with the right person.


As far as my kinks go I am fairly open to anything and can really enjoy either the sub or Dom role depending on who I am with. I spent a few minutes and filled out the interests page, but I figured I'd share my recent interests in greater detail below.


Lately I have been into exploring a few kinks. Recently when I have taken the submissive role I have really enjoyed private humiliation. I have always been a fairly proud person, and something about having that whittled down by someone and subsequently used is something i'd love to explore. As a Dom I definitely enjoy humiliation, but have a bit of experience with it already. Lately I have had an urge to have a few online subs and exert a bit of control over their life (part of why I am here), all the while doing nothing for them but bark orders, give assignments and hand down punishments. In terms of an individual fetish, as weird as I know a lot of people think it is, I have been getting more and more diaper play on both sides. I think it has something to do with my love for power-exchange and the removal of control on such a basic level; something about the kink does it for me in a few ways. I've had a few IRL experiences with it, but my curiosity is far from filled and would love to talk to others with similar interests.



Journal Entries:
11/7/2017 1:35:48 AM
So I definitely enjoy diapers as a sub, something about them pushes all the right buttons. While I was at a local bar with a few friends tonight I finally came clean to an on again off again play partner about my new interest, how I just got a bunch of supplies in the mail, and about my adventure last weekend. Unfortunately she said the kink doesn't really do it for her, but offered to help facilitate another self play session by holding the keys and setting some rules. As the night started to come to close I started to realized she wanted me to do it tonight. Soon enough we were in a cab and on our way back to my place. Ness' rules were fairly straight forward compared to my venture last weekend. She instructed me to prep the same way (2 suppositories and a banana up the rear, double diapers and locking plastic pants,small p lug) but also made me out as many pairs of leggings and tights over my new! underwear; I managed to get 5 pair on. Once dressed I found Ness in my kitchen making coffee. She glanced at me, giggled, and told me yo grab the red bull out of her purse and drink it as fast as I could. While Ness finished filling the machine with water and grinds she layed out the rest of her rules. 1. I am to stay up until morning when she comes back, and engage with the kink online by writing (this), reading and talking to others. 2. Be open and share my situation with anyone on the net who wants to know about my interest in the kink, my diaper, my fav story picture etc... just as long as it involved diapers. I must also share my kik to encourage others to reach out 3. If I do communicate with any I must be the sub and refer to my self as diaper slut, piss pants or another relevant derogatory name 4. I may wet my diaper but not mess it. 5. I will stay bound in the position she chooses to tie for atleast an hour, and once out I am to ask someone what the next position will be and stay tied that way for an hour. The only catch is the positions will have to keep my hands free enough to keep using my phone or computer to follow rule 1. 6. If any of the rules are broken I will stay in my pants and diapers until Sunday morning!! Eek, so yes I'm sitting here on my back with a posture collar on and rope running from the back of my waistband, over each shoulder, coming together at my chest then running down to my ankles which have been tied together. I think she said this position was a modified savage fold. Last my hands are cuffed to my collar with enough slack to just barely hold my phone. I think I'm going to poke around the web a bit and check my messages but my kik is......

10/31/2017 1:28:30 AM
Not really sure where to start, so I guess I'll start at the beginning. Recently I made the decision to explore diaper play as sub and have been talking to juat about anyone with a shared interest. I had done some experimenting but was never sure if I wanted to really dive in as a sub. Well after talking to a bunch of people I've found the kink excites me, and decided to try a more intense solo session to explore. I had always toyed with the idea of using an RNG to mix up longer self play, and take away at least a semblance of control to heat things. With this in mind I started collect ideas from people, stories, pictures and videos. The tasks range from sharing with others, writing lines, corner time, self-bondage and a bunch of other tasks. Earlier tonight I decided to give my new game a go and just hit 184, make journal entry about your experience so far. 1200: I usually work graveyard but was fortunate enough to be off this Friday. Earlier in the day I had frozen a bunch padlock and handcuff keys for the night. Pre-Preparation roll: shower, shave, and orgasm before the next step Preparation roll: insert 2 suppositories and roll again Preparation roll 2; insert one banana Diaper: double diapered abena m4, 2 stuffers, small butt plug, locking plastic pants Clothing: yoga pants, sweatshirt 12;15 task 1: corner time 30 min,.hands on head legs spread 12:47 task 2: drink a glass of water with the next 5 tasks. 1250 task 3: write I am a dirty girl 100 times with you non dominant hand. 1:16: bind your ankles to your knees. 1:20 spank each inner thigh 25 times 1:28: take a shot of vodka with at the start of the next 3 tasks. 1:33 if possible grins on a pillow for the duration of every other turn. 1:39 watch some porn for 30 min, no touching 2:10 take a sock and stuff it down the front of your diaper and drink 2 gladdrs2 of water. Once you get, remove the suck and gag yourself with it for the next 30min. 2:18 50 sit ups 2:30 nipple clamps for the next 30 min 2:35: slap your self in the face for every roll so far 2:55: write a task by task summary of what you have done so far, describe the state of your diaper, and provide your kik account and tell anyone who reacbes out anout yor experience and need/desire to be broken and made into a diaper slut. I've already wet few times. I don't think anything leaked in to the second diaper yet, but they definitely expanded a bit making it harder to close my legs. 

9/5/2017 1:04:22 AM
Woah, I was warned the amount of messages could be bad here, but wow. Fortunately I haven't seen too many really crazy people like my friend warned me about, but I am definitely going to stay cautious. Probably also going to edit my profile a bit in regard to my willingness to share pics, video, my kik etc... to avoid someone dude if you don't even have a picture, why the hell would I send you mine...I'll prob also add something about suggestion for some self-play scenarios with diapers. After talking to a few others tonight into the kink I am sure I want to jump all the way in with them. I think first before I cross that line though I need to do it in private to know what I am getting into firsthand. Sadly, I've never really been able to enjoy creative self-play outside some good old masturbation, but I am thinking if I can use someone else's idea (or a combination of ideas) I might like it a bit more.

hmm, I guess we'll see.


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