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I will write more soon enough, but basically I am a former domme and am looking to e
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I will write more soon enough, but basically I am a former domme and am looking to embrace instead sub-hood or even slave-hood.  I realized not all that long ago that I simply prefer to be humbled and humiliated rather than the other way around.  I am not really experienced in BDSM to a large degree (under 2 years), but have been domme in a few relationships.  However, I have always been bossy and controlling in all relationships.  I do date both men and women, but do lean towards women or couples which would be preferable. 


I have never actually served before, but have been spanked and whipped a bit (mostly actually doing the spanking and whipping though).  However, not dom/sub or what most think of as BDSM which would like being owned.  I am interested in talking about that though and also I want to find a way to shed my "domme-ness" both in my look and my behavior.  It is time for this domme to be taught a lesson.  Biggest issue I probably have is a more than average amount (i.e. HUGE amount) of vanity, ego, and competitiveness with other women particular on aesthetics and I have been known to be shallow on looks with others as well, but working hard on fixing that flaw which does seem to be an obstacle for me to embrace the sub mindset.


Okay, please stop asking to serve me.  I am not interested in being served nor even being a switch as I am trying to make a big change here.  I think I just give off a domme vibe.  It looks like I could use some kind of slave makeover for starters. 

Journal Entries:
4/4/2015 11:21:38 AM
Been getting a bit of pressure to update my pictures since my makeover and so I added some as promised...for those that preferred the old look, a deal is a deal unfortunately so there you go.

6/3/2012 11:00:15 AM

Well, I am feeling more submissive as well.  I have removed most of the piercings and focused on dressing more submissive following a nice fire that took care of my apartment and older clothes line.  The flames apparently have a way of ensuring you don't go back to your older style.  So tighter, less black, and just less "domme" looking as a whole...


I am also thinking differently and learning to be a bit less competitive with other women on looks and less into looks as a whole.  I am even doing my best not to flirt with other girl's boyfriends in general.  I am constantly having to remind myself that other women should indeed be better than me particularly if they are domme, switch, or alpha than myself.  It is slowly kicking in as I adjust. 

3/28/2011 9:30:28 AM

I am not looking to relocate permanently a long ways away, but can visit.  If you want a permanent live in though and are far away, that doesn't make sense unless you are moving out to Boston soon.  Also, as for the makeover tips, they definitely are interesting and I am taking them seriously and will post pics if I do some of them. 


As for why to do them?  We all know it is the internal thoughts and behavior that are critical, but it doesn't hurt to have the exterior match the interior.  Also, I have come to the conclusion that to do this transition right, I cannot just go sub.  I think I need to go to slave level and then I can adjust with those that own me as needed.  That goes for my looks and behavior.

3/24/2011 4:26:36 PM

Yes, I know I need to look more demure and you all want a nude shot.  We shall see, but I know that is all very subbie.  I have been thinking about it and I want more slave than sub and my goal is 24/7 I think.  If you think though that I am just going to run out and meet you after two emails, you are dreaming and there is a good chance I will quickly ignore you.


In addition to needing more training and inner soul searching to be broken into a slave, I have been listening to your ideas and I do agree the piercings look a bit domme, but I love them.  I think small piercings are doable though for now.  If you own me, you can pull them out.  As for the other ideas, I like my tan!  I am not ridding myself of it, that is sorta silly.  I doubt I could anyways as I am Italian.  As for getting my hair color made more mild, that is doable as is a haircut if it makes sense.

3/10/2011 11:54:45 AM

I am not interested in switching back to domme!!!  I will delete your emails if you ask.  Doesn't anyone even read profiles on here?  I really think it is partially my looks.  Perhaps I just need to lose some piercings and start wearing lots of pink.

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