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Hello all my name is Blake. I have been involved with kink for 10+ years now and I am still le
Male Dominant, 35,  Hattiesburg , Mississippi US

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Hello all my name is Blake. I have been involved with kink for 10+ years now and I am still learning everyday. i am in a vanilla relationship, we have talked this over and while she has no intrest in kink she has agreed that i can explore and further develope this part of who i am. i have quite a few fetishes, my favorites being spanking, hair pulling, biting, tickeling, and oral both gving and recieving. i have quite a few hobbies including writing, photography, reading, and gaming.


            i am here to talk with some like minded people and learn from some as well, i am also looking for a sub/slave to help me practice my rope work and explore further into the kinks i have been researching/ enjoying. any thing else you would like to know about me feel free to ask i am a very open person.

        While I don't find men sexually attractive I am open to some service experiences with men and i am also curious to experience some time with a post op trans female. I prefer m2f trans. Fair warning to any male subs/ slaves sending me messages,be warned i consifer my time valuable and will not tolerate it beong wasted, I will not be willing to do anything sexual with you. I am willing for some bdsm activities of my choosing and any involvement with me is for my gain be it a friend or a piggy bank. understand that if you don't pay there will be no play. No pay no play. if you can't pay a tribute don't waste your have been warned.

Journal Entries:
8/30/2017 12:12:23 AM
Hunter Rising While sitting on a train on my way to work i hear a small voice. "how about that one?" GB: Now is not the time for this we are going to be late for work. WB: But you rarely ever let me out anymore... honestly how long has it been since I got to run one down?? The scent of fear and excitement leading us. You know you miss it. GB: prove it. WB: I don't need to you're salivating. GB: shut up. Fine I know it's been a while. But there's to much going on right now. When things calm down we'll go out. WB: but look at them, eager prey lemming in and out of the car, faces fixed on tiny screens. Take that one for istance. I look over to a younger woman in a skin tight leatard. WB: Long Flowing brunette hair, greenish Almond shaped eyes, clear light olive skin, perky b cup breast nearly exposed by the thin fabric, the slight image of a thong showing near a supple round ass. GB: yes she is gorgeous. But so what? She isn't flirting with us or showing... I'm interrupted by her gaze meeting my own a small smile on her face. My face becomes warm as I blush realizing she noticed me staring before I did. WB: See! Let me out, let me play! He says in a deep growl as he pushes his thoughts through my mind, vivid visions of primal foreplay; nails ripping holes in the thin fabric, her fist gripping hand fills of my hair as I kiss and nip at her neck and collar bone, firmly squeezing her toned ass. I shake my head as if to erase the visions like an etech-a-sketch. GB: Enough! I said we don't have time! The other voice is silent as we hear our transfer announced. We get up and wait for the next stop, the young lady moves closer with a unexpected stealth. "You know staring is very rude. You should at least take my number so you can properly apologize." She says with a sly smile. Still slightly embarrassed I stumbled a bit on my words. "Oh. I uh. Should huh?" She takes the pen out of my pocket and writes the number down on a piece of paper before pushing it into my other pocket. The doors open and she gives me a playful push out of the train, "go be a good boy now." A small growl works up from my throat as the doors close and she blows a small kiss with the train pulling way. WB: game on?? GB: I really shouldn't be losing these debates to you. Your just the animal in my head. WB: game on. The end

12/6/2016 5:17:27 PM
You can ask me one question (TO MY INBOX ONLY!). Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to post this on your status and see what people ask you!...

7/22/2015 8:15:58 PM


I lay in bed with my eye closed but sleep wont come to me. I suddenly feel a soft form pushing against my body gently but forcefully, she rest her head on my arm and curls the rest of it around her. I let my right arm lie on her waist and hug her pulling myself into a proper spooning position behind her. “Hello sweetie” I say softly before kissing her neck right behind her ear lobe. She sighs happily and pretends to be asleep already. We there content for a couple hours before my wandering hands interrupt this serene moment. My left hand begins caressing and kneading her breast softly, my right hand stealthily slides into her panties my middle finger hungrily searching for her clit. Sliding gently over her hood I feel the moistening nub harden slightly and et my fingers slide up and down her slit not making and effort to penetrate only to massage her cute little pussy. She slowly begins to grind her body into me making no effort what so ever to hide her sudden need for satisfaction. She clasps her hand over mine squeezing her breast firmly making sure her nipple is between our knuckles. Her right hand reaches back to work my cock in between her ass cheeks she move up and down to match the speed my fingers are moving. I pull my hand out of her panties and roll onto my back, she still pretending to be asleep rolls over to her side facing me resting her head on my chest. Her hand scratching playfully at my chest her nails mere centimeters from my nipple. I pull her on top of me my rigid cock pressed against her panties and thighs only for a moment before she straddles me her legs bent near my sides and only the silken wet cloth of her panties keeping me from entering her. I grip her ass with both hands kneading it like dough. She kisses my next and whispers softly “please take me.” hearing her voice in such a sweet tone I move her panties to the side and push the head of my cock towards her entrance. She matches my motion arching her back ever so slightly and in one fluid motion I am deep inside of her. We stay still for a moment enjoying the heat of each others bodies before she starts rocking on top of me moving slowly for the first few motions rising up to a kneeling a position as she rotates on me running her fingers through her hair so I can see the passion filled smile on her face. My left hand resting comfortable on her hip my right working its way up her stomach over her breast to her cheek, my thumb caressing her lower lip. She falls into me and I hold a hand full of hair in my right hand near the base of her skull and begging to bounce her on me arching upward quickly then stopping I release my grip and sit us up before rolling her onto her back.
I pull out and kiss my way down her body sucking her nipples briefly before motioning for her to get on all fours. She follows my instructions quickly and I rub my cock up and down her drenched cunt thumping it on her pussy a few times before pushing into her from behind. I hold onto her waist and with slow powerful thrust crash into her repeatedly listening for her pleasured grunts before changing the tempo. As I speed up I feel hr body getting hotter, her pussy tighter, and the closer she gets to orgasm the closer she brings me to mine. I rest my right hand on her shoulder and pound into her one last time as she moans and I cant help but spasm squirting my load into tightening pussy we cum only moments apart after a few moments I lay over her kissing the side of her neck and then her shoulder before pulling my cum soaked cock out of her. I lay on my back beside her blissfully smiling I kiss her deeply and she rest her head on my chest again. We soon drifted off to sleep together to being melted into a satisfied sexual puddle.

6/2/2015 10:27:16 PM
breaking the racial barrier part 10

Its noon before I begin to wake up. I blink a few times before scanning the room for Kelly. I get up groggy and walk towards main room. “Kelly? Where are you? Kelly??” I don’t know why I expect a response. The things I did, everything she learned last night, how she was treated. I grab water from the fridge on my way to the main room I see a small mass kind of tossed by the door. I step closer and find Kelly sitting in the fetal position by the door; the look on her face is blank like a rose soaking in bleach that dead lack of color tells me just how broken she is. I stand in front of her and reach down to check her wounds. “DON’T TOUCH ME!” she screams when my hand makes contact. I motion for her to stand up and she moves slowly her steps, clumsy, slow almost infantile; I guide her to the rest room let her undress her checking her wounds before she begins washing her body. She isn’t resisting, speaking, she is just there a seething pot near boiling over. She finishes bathing finish bathing and I call for a couple of attendants to redress her wounds. “Mr. Wolf how else can we be of help to you?”

“I need to schedule a lunch with Ms. Fox and Mr. Mouse. I need meals for myself and my guest as well as proper attire for Ms. Kelly and myself…”

“Right away sir.”

“Thank you.”

As one of the attendant’s leaves to retrieve the clothes I watch the other closely examining the wounds as she works. The deep lashes are still in that tacky stage before scabbing. The attendant applies some anti bacterial ointment to her wounds and finish bandaging her when the clothes arrive. “Mr. Wolf I have made the reservations for you and set up a private booth for the encounter. “ “Thank you. She reaches for my shirt collar to begin undressing me. I hold her hands tenderly for a moment. “Thank you, but I need you to dress my wounds then help with Kelly I will dress myself today. “She gives a sad kind of smile and retrieves the medical supplies near by as I remove my shirt. The cold sting of the iodine is an unwanted reminder of a serious loss of control moment. While the sting goes away quickly. She places the bandages on my back and once finished she goes to help Kelly. I dress myself quickly leaving my shirt collar open. I put on my mask and one of the attendants assist with my coat. I look up after buttoning my jacket and see Kelly as a true vision of beauty for the first time since our meeting, I feel a blush come across my cheeks, and I turn quickly trying to hide my face. “The weight of what you have done keeping you from looking me in the eye.” I stand in contemplative silence for a moment. “Actually I was in awe of how stunningly beautiful you were before you tried laying a guilt trip on Me.” she looks shocked then disappointed for a second. “Thank You.” it’s a brief moment of unexpected sincerity for both of us; we try to move past the growing awkwardness of this moment by moving for the door, just creating further awkwardness. I open the door and follow her out of the room. I lead her to the dinning hall and upon entering we are lead to our booth. We take our seats and wait for our company.

“Why are we doing this? Why can’t I just go home? “

“Stop acting like a child. Yes you went through a lot. But would it have been better to continue this game of Johnny coming here living a lie of false love. He obviously doesn’t love you and has moved on. Did you ever think why things were the way they were? Why you could so easily cheat on him night after night? None of these questions came to mind? Instead you agreed to anything to save this fragile happily ever after you didn’t care about until you thought it was going to be taken away from you.” the words are so harsh I feel them choking me. “You act like I asked for this! I made a decision, it wasn’t the best I know but it was mine to make. Why make me suffer more?” I look her in the face and try to be compassionate. “Alright well then let’s go. I’ll drop you off near your place and you can black out all these things that happened and Johnny can continue to be foxes little toy and you can drain random cocks in the v.I.p area of the club.” the tears rolling down her cheeks signal the final break in her willingness to suffer. “My goodness you too seem to be having such a serious conversation should we come back later?” Johnny pulls out a chair for his mistress, and then takes a seat at her feet his head resting on her knee. “So we are here now explain to me why I must listen to the loathsome ramblings of this useless whore? What more needs to happen to get the point across to her?” she lets the words spew from her mouth like venom from the fangs of a pit viper in an open wound. “He owes her a final goodbye or an explanation as to why he had her go through with this is he was just going to leave her anyway. Since she doesn’t believe any of what I have said this is the last of what she needs. Kelly this is your chance to get those answers you wanted.”

She sits in silence for a moment before looking in disgust at the happy slave in worship of his mistress. She begins to speak and tears and sobs flow from her faster then the words. She looks up and clears her eyes. “Johnny how long have you been doing this? How long have you been a pervert?”

“Now you see that was a big part of what made this such an easy decision all those years ago. What has it been mistress?”

She smiles pleasantly staring at Kelly and answers. “Six magnificent years my pet”

“Ah that’s right about 3 months after I started dating you Kelly.” her stare changes from sorrow to rage in an instant. The waves of undirected anger and hate burn the tears off her now bright red face. “Three months!! Why Johnny?? How could you have been doing these things so soon after we started dating??”

“How? Kelly I caught you sucking off my fucking brother right after we started dating? Do you have any idea the type of pain I went through? I spent nights drinking and luckily for me my goddess Ms. Foxx found me before I did something stupid. She saw me suffering and hearing my story, hearing how much pain you caused me, choose to show me how the world of service can help make me a better person, to educate me on not only loving myself but why and I shouldn’t be letting you treat me like shit. It was difficult at first yeah but once she sat down with me and explained how things would go what was expected of me and websites where I could research anything I wanted to or needed to know about the lifestyle. Took time to listen to my concerns, my questions, and my desires. She did a week more listening then I honestly think you have done in all the time we have been together. If I asked you to name one of my fantasies right now what would you say?

He waits patiently to see if the woman he has been lecturing will even attempt to answer. “Come on take a wild guess?” he is unrelenting in this single question. He knows she is in pain, that an answer she gives can’t be right. But he waits with the patience of a child expecting Christmas morning. The smile on his face is sickening. She opens her mouth to speak, thinking cautiously over every conversation, every post coutious confession, she sits with her mouth hanging open like a turkey feeling rain. She blurts out threesome. Disappointment can be seen on all our faces. It’s such a common answer. Almost pedestrian in thinking. It seems like all think that is a shared fantasy like it is the ultimate experience people can have sexually. Johnny laughs obnoxiously loud earning us all the attention of the large hall for a brief second. “Really? When have I ever mentioned or even brought up the idea of a threesome? I am at a loss of words.” He stutters for a moment before falling silent and recomposing himself. “An easy answer would have been to be worshiped. To hear you praise my body even if you lied through every word of it. I even mentioned it to you a few different times. Hell I did it for one of your birth days so you could see how good it could feel.


She begins to think back, determined and focused in her search for any memory that fits what he described. She thinks about their romantic breakfast on the marina shore he cooked for them and how she was disappointed it wasn’t his brother that did it. The flash of him holding her tenderly after making love to her, and her thoughts that it wasn’t as long as his brother could fuck her. She simply reminded herself time and time again that she didn’t actually love him tat she was nothing more then a user and a slut. She realized as her fairytale world crumbled around her and her memories betrayed, that she was the problem.

12/27/2014 9:05:54 AM

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