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Not at home, living in South Korea and wont be back for about a few years.  If I look
Female Dominant, 40,  Tennessee US

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StraightMale Submissive
Age: 30, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 170 lbs.
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StraightMale Submissive
Age: 34, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 140 lbs.
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Not at home, living in South Korea and wont be back for about a few years. 

If I look at your profile, or message you, I want to talk to you. I am a social butterfly. It gets pretty damn boring being 15 hours off of almost everyone you talk to, so I do look for conversations where I can find them. This doesn't mean I want to own you, play with you, fuck you or hurt you. Just talk. 


For some who were familiar with my name, I was Diurnal  Vampire. For reasons that are my own, I needed to get away from the persona for a while. However, after 18+ years, I wasn't willing to give up a part of myself. I am here to chat, not to flirt and not to find a new pet or new property.

My Fox and I have been married for 8 years, and I met him right here on this site, under the former name. 


Conversation is a lost art. It is sad that I meet a lot of people on here who can barely string two sentences together and yet they think they are the most interesting people in the world. I am not looking for deep philosophical conversations about the meaning of life or the existential views on the lifestyle. I just want to talk to different people about their views, opinions and experiences with the lifestyle.


I have experience with Adult Baby, Cross dressing, chastity training and many other fetishes and kinks. I am open to talking about any and all of them, minus specifics that could out my partners of the time. I am not interested in training someone in any of the fields, but I am perfectly happy to help someone come up with ideas for themselves. 


Still not looking. Still happily married, 8 years and counting. He is my one, and I was lucky enough to meet him here.



  **Before you write to me and tell me how much you love my profile, actually read it. What I want, and don't want, is clearly explained. I do know what it says here, so I will know if you read it. Lying about it is a really bad way to start a conversation. I will mock you and call you out on your bullshit, too, especially if you offer yourself to me**


Journal Entries:
8/5/2016 12:17:15 AM
I have discovered that I enjoy shutting down pushy SPH fetishists by telling them that in Korea they are actually quite large.

4/4/2016 1:19:18 AM
Are people here really so focused on finding someone to fuck that they can't answer a question about their own kink? Seriously? If it isn't going to go anywhere you just can't be bothered to talk to someone. That's just sad. 

12/5/2015 4:21:02 AM
If I never hear the term 'Alpha submissive' again, itll be too soon. its such a meaningless fluff term bandied about by men who are so uncomfortable with their submission that they feel like they have to qualify themselves as "better than" other submissives. 

8/10/2015 6:29:10 PM
Talk to me about Korea. I love talking about it out here. Talk to me about interests you might have, I can usually keep a good conversation that way. Do not talk to me about keeping subs online while I am so far away from home. I dont, I am not looking to, and I am not going to consider you for the nonexistent position. I thought ahead, I brought my slave with me. 

7/27/2015 4:36:49 AM
WTF is with all the Dominant men adding me to their favorites, and then not even bothering to respond when I send a polite hello? i am going to start blocking them if they can't have enough manners to introduce themselves before bookmarking my page to visit again.

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