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Changing my profile up. I'm back and currently looking for a sub/slave to guide, train.  
Male Dominant, 45,  St Augustine , Florida US

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Changing my profile up. I'm back and currently looking for a sub/slave to guide, train.  I have not had a sub or been actively seeking one in several years because I had lost the passion to guide and invest in someone that was into it only because it was the "cool" thing at the time.  It was  hard to find a strong confident sub. Most i came across either had major self esteem or daddy issues. Those should have nothing to do with serving a master.  I grew tired of hearing stories from subs that had bad experiences from "wanna be" doms. Everyone knows them. They are stuck in a mid level job, bills they can't afford, a wife abd kids at home. He feels trapped with nothing he can do about it.  This "dom" cant control anything is his life so he has to prey on hopeless romantic subs that don't know what a real Dom/sub dynamic should be.  He has no control of his situation so he takes that out on someone he can. 



A true Dom/sub dynamic is built on trust and vulnerability from BOTH sides. It is about trusting your master to push you out of your comfort zone.  The master the RESPONSIBILITY of knowing how far to push without harm or disrupting the bond of trust that has been built. Submission is a gift that should be valued as such.  I had an amazing teacher that saw the dominate side of me. She brought me into this world, taught me that there was more of a mental and emotional side than the physical. She also taught me that the although the physical side was contingent on the mental there are total physical aspects that can be incredible as well. The physical touch or manipulation of the body in certain ways can take us to places we never dreamed of.     


I am looking for a strong confident sub that knows what her comfort levels are but wants the guidance and teaching to move past those into the world she has only known in her deepest darkest desires.  I indetstand i am not everyone's cup of tea. I am in a relationship BUT she does know about EVERYTHING. I had a sub when we met and she knows I am currently looking for one now. She is in no way a Domme but she has played with one of my subs in the past. If you are yearning to learn and share your gift of submission please say hi and see if we might hot it off. 

Journal Entries:
6/8/2014 7:52:38 AM

Sometimes in life you have what you have, going along content with what it is, when something comes along that catches you...  Catches you by surprise.  It always seems to happen when you least expect it.  Sometimes its when we need it the most, sometimes its better than what we have but always it hurts when it goes away.  As a Dom sometimes we take for granted the submissive qualities of a person and the real gift submission is.  There are a few real submissives that have touched my life.   Just wanted to say thank you for the gift. 

11/20/2013 2:08:21 AM
I have been away for a while due to my health. I had a heart attach and 5 bypass heart surgery. I have recovered and feel great. I am ready to resume. I am sorry if I haven't responded or just dropped off the face of the earth. It has been a long road of surprise and recovery.

4/21/2012 1:28:27 AM
Milking me. I had a dom female tell me she would love to milk me. I have always been a dom and I'm not sure why she wanted to try me but it was intriguing.

4/21/2012 1:26:58 AM
Ok. So you say you are a " slave". What is a true slave? Mentally, physically, emotionally, I have tried slaves and they seem to lack one or the other. Maybe I just haven't found a true slave yet.

4/10/2012 5:56:29 AM

Respect, this is a subject I think some people (gender nonspecific) have a fairly POOR understanding of.  Respect in this community and life style is something that not only needs to be earned but also respected.  It seems a lot of people come on and feel they are "Doms" and therefore they need to respect no one at all.  Well I can assure you that through my experiences MOST of those people are inexperienced or just asses.  I do understand the need to take charge and treat your sub as a Dom but I believe as much as you need respect as a dom you also need to respect your sub for just that, being a sub.  Humiliation and being a slave is a choice and even though they need to be used and abused and treated like shit they should be respected for choosing to be that way.  I am not saying to show them respect and say please and thank you but just remember they choose to be your sub or slave so treat them as you wish but as a real dom or master you should also be thankful to have them just don’t let them know it.  


As far as respect for the master or Dom.  A sub or slave should have ABSOLUTE respect for them.  As a sub or slave especially YOU have made the choice to be your master's property and as so you MUST respect them.  If you are a sub looking for a Dom you should use respect and reverence when approaching any Dom.  Even though you are not their property they still deserve respect if you are a true sub and true to this life style.  


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