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So completely remaking my profile, it was time and I have had many changes in my life since th
Male Dominant, 36,  Bismarck area, North Dakota US

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So completely remaking my profile, it was time and I have had many changes in my life since the last time I was active on this site. And in general my world view has changed a fair bit.

So what does it mean to be me, well I am in general a sarcastic person and I fear I am getting more arrogant with age but I don't think it is an undeserved arrogance but I am also not above mocking myself when the time is appropriate. Over the past couple of years I have traveled some spent a couple of years in Arizona and realized my norwegian heritage precludes me from enjoying those blast furnace type summers especially when once chosen career causes you to spend most of your day out in it. So I retreated back to North Dakota to regroup and enjoy weather I understand...

I have also decided based on experience including a not quite ink dry divorce that my past tendency to find and fix broken things does not work no matter how much effort I throw into remodeling and pushing if someone doesn't realize or want to fix herself it is not going to happen. So I guess I need to find someone that isn't broken and be the one to break them!

No that although it sounds good to my sarcastic mind is not where I want to go. I want to find someone that shares my vision and build a life together whether that vision is short and finite or preferably something that can build and grow over many years or a lifetime.

I don't need to be the center of my partners universe but my influence needs to resonate with every choice or action she takes and I know that her protection and safe keeping needs to be present in every choice I make or there will be no trust. And if we are honest across the board if there is not trust other than some fun sessions some bruises rope marks and orgasms in the very short term nothing that is worth happening can be accomplished. And I want more than that.

So I will update later this is a bit vague but thought I needed something more accurate than was there. So if any of this seems right in your mind contact me.

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