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Yes, of course, I have a photo kicking around here somewhere. But yes, I live in a town the si
Female Submissive, 40,  Boston Metro area, Massachusetts US

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 Submissive Female

 Boston Metro area 


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Yes, of course, I have a photo kicking around here somewhere. But yes, I live in a town the size of a freckle so unless I decide to talk a bit with someone, I don't care to share it. :) 


I'm interested in D/s because essentially, without a fairly dominant energy from my mate, I just can't pluck up the slightest interest in sex. I think my 'kinks' per se are a bit average. I enjoy a bit of pain with my pleasure and can vary in the amount depending on how much my partner is into, but first & fore most, whether I respect and like him enough to want to please him. And that is the crux of it. Because I feel that no matter how 'Domly' a man is, if I don't like them outside of the bedroom, as another human being, then I won't respect & relish submitting to him in the bedroom. Or the living room, kitchen, back patio, etc.


I prefer someone who does not all that much enjoy sex without at least some thread of control in it, because that is my own interest, but I also prefer someone who has interests outside of bdsm.  And while I am submissive, I have my own friends & little day to day routines that I enjoy. I suppose what I am saying, is that I want a sex life that adds to & enriches the rest of my life, not one that annihilates it to feed itself.


I am not a very driven person. I do not have a high powered job. (I notice quite a lot of the more savvy looking Dom's seem to be seeking that in a sub. Alas, you either have that drive, or you don't. I don't)  I enjoy talking with people and spend a fair amount of time..basically...being nice to people. Brightening days here & there. (if you are looking for some somber, black wearing, Salem Ma. emaciated goth chic who forgot how to smile when she was born, look elsewhere) So yes, a bit of a helpful person. I know, I know, weird & underrated but perhaps its a little of that service to others mindset that most subs have. I enjoy cooking, gardening, sewing, a little music  now and then. I'm competent at many of the things I like to do but not ocd into any of them. I'm reasonably intelligent for an American (sorry fellow Americans, I've been abroad enough to feel our education system is a wee bit lacking)  & enjoy learning new things but unlike 75% of the Dom's here, I don't label myself 'highly educated' or any of the other purr words that mean, I think I should be in mensa...grin. Frankly, I really find a man who is humble and understated, but also confident and competent a lot more hot than those who define themselves by their intelligence. 


I'm a spiritual but not religious box checker. I'm in good shape. Not great, not muscled, simply good. I'm on the curvy side.  I'm told that curvy in dating lingo means 'fat'. I'm not fat. If I lost 20 pounds I be too skinny & my T & A would be mia.  10 however, 10 I could do. If I decided I wanted to or I felt it would particularly please my Dom/Top for me to do so.   I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin.  While the occasional tinge of humiliation play can be interesting, overall, its not something I find hot if indulged in frequently. I enjoy spankings, canings and a whip if the wielder is really good at it, but more out of the sensation of it than a feeling of needing degradation.   I suspect that I'm a little bendy on that point, but only up to a certain amount.


Oh, no scat play, no golden showers, no knife play. Not looking for a Dad. Bondage/rope play is ok but I admit I enjoy hands more than binding. I often feel like my extremities go to sleep and I get bored, though I do like St. Andrew's Crosses when being flogged or whipped. (though, I admit, its been awhile & only a few times. Yay for Black Rose!) Again, if I like someone well enough then of course I expect to be tied up since that's most every Dom I've met's kink...but its for sure not essential for me. 


I realize my profile is not a very 'come thither' sexy one, but I wasted a lot of time on that sort of sales pitching ten years ago when I first found the old collarme site before this one. I realized it basically drew the sort of guys who were more interested in pin ups or women who were not all that real on a day to day basis & who has time for that as we all grow older?  Did I mention that a good sense of humor is a plus? Quiet is fine, I like quiet, but it ought not rule out a nice smile.



I suppose that is more than enough info for now. Not Vanilla, not Extreme, a bit in the middle & liking it. 


Happy Shopping y'all.


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