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There are many things that you will do for me and many things that you will submit to. You wil
Male Dominant, 40,  Washington, D.C., Maryland US

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 Dominant Male

 Washington, D.C. 


 6' 0"

 225 lbs





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Submissive Female

There are many things that you will do for me and many things that you will submit to. You will know that I am in control of the household. You will listen to me, and lack of respect and discipline will warrant long-term bondage and spankings. A ball gag will fill your mouth when I do not want to hear your voice. You will spend entire evenings in bondage while I tease you until you are so wet that you beg through your ball gag to be fucked.


You will wear a collar while in our home, and I will attach a leash to that collar when I feel the need to do so. I might attach the leash and pull you down to sit at my feet while I read, or I might want to have you on a leash while we eat a meal. I might have you on a leash while you clean the kitchen, and I might jerk that leash when you are not cleaning the way that I want you to clean. When I tell you to get over my knee or to bend over and grab a chair, you will do so, and you will not move even when you feel the sting of the paddle and you feel the warm blush on your ass. Protests will earn you long bondage sessions stringently tied in a closet with your mouth gagged. I might even shut the door and leave you in the dark. You will be in rope bondage and leather restraints at my choosing.


You will wear form-fitting girdles and stockings of my choosing underneath your clothing, or I might have you wear sheer, silky pantyhose. You will always be in some form of hosiery when I say so. Your clothing will be approved by me because I want to have an erection every time I see you. You will have your fingernails and toenails painted and polished. You will be groomed the way that I direct you to be groomed. You might be wearing a leather bondage harness underneath your dress when we are in public. That bondage harness will hug and grip your torso and will be uncomfortable as you sit in a public restaurant and eat with others around you. You will know that I own you. You might have an anal plug shoved in your ass to ensure you remember that.


Even while you are my obedient bondage slut, you will be loved and respected as a human being. You will never be abused even when you are being disciplined and made to shove my cock in your mouth and suck it until I explode and you swallow all of it. You will be caressed and taken care of. You will be protected. You will be loved. 


My additional pictures show what your existence will be like with me, but do not make the mistake in thinking that these pictures constitute all of your future existence. They are only the beginning in a monogamous relationship in which I take loving possession of you.


Have a good day.



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