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It is that time of year, isn't it? Fall just takes my natural sexuality and puts it in overdri
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Age: 55, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm), Weight: 189 lbs.
Location: Dubuque IA, Iowa
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It is that time of year, isn't it? Fall just takes my natural sexuality and puts it in overdrive. So many emotions at this time of year wrap up into such intense desires and needs. I crave the right sub to share that intensity with. If my profile sounds of interest, drop me a line. WOMEN ONLY PLEASE!


First, I am a married dom. My wife is not physically able to participate in a lot of the BDSM activities I need/desire due to health issues. She FULLY supports my needs, and desire to find a long term submissive. There is no jealousy or emotional issues to deal with. We love each other, she understands my needs and supports me fully in them. She is submissive to me in as much as she is able. 


I prefer one partner with respect to kink play, I am not looking to build a stable. I find that having one submissive makes it easier to get into your head and to stay there. Quality, not quantity, is the goal. 


I need/desire someone who is looking for a stable and committed relationship. While one time play can be fun - I need something that only time and a connection can bring. You should be self aware enough that you understand that this lifestyle is for you. 

As far as the nature of any ongoing relationship, it can go any number of ways. I have a dungeon at home, ready to go, or we can play elsewhere.  You and I can lead separate lives, or we can arrange something poly or anywhere in between. All I ask is that you commit to regular play and that you not play with anyone else. If your married and in a similar situation, I am fine with that as long as your SO is aware of what we are doing. Honesty and openness are keys to a successful relationship - don't you agree? For the right person, I am prepared to commit to being your dom forever - however, I will never leave my wife - so you need to be content with your place there. The bottom line, I want to be with my wife, and my submissive, forever.


I am willing to relocate the right sub for a live in/polly situation. However, let me be clear - polly is not the goal here. Finding the right submissive is the goal. I hope thats you. 


I am an intense player. If bruises on your backside or breasts are no go's you and I won't mix. The more you desire to let go, the deeper and darker your needs and fantasies go, the more we will click. I love women, I adore them... but get me turned on and you become the focus of great intensity. The more you are able to let go, enjoying me letting go, the better we will be. I am OK if your new, but understand what you are getting into. I respect all limits, of course, but those are negotiated and agreed too. I am intense, and things like bruising are not negotiable. 


My limits are few, but rational. My love and respect for my submissive very powerful. I am capable of stepping into many roles - daddy, confidant, sadistic bastard, sir, lover, master, bringer of punishment, rule maker, rule breaker, comfort giver, aftercare master, humiliator and anything else your mind can come up with. I love long sessions.... 

If you don't like men who are big bears, then move along. I am not flabby, but I am not skinny. I am quite at peace with who I am. All this being said, I now send this out to the universe and hope that you, dear reader, are just the person I have been looking for. 


So, here I am dear submissive. Love, bruises and all. Come and get me. 

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