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Honest, creative, experienced, intelligent, very dominant, and a sadist.   I’
Male Dominant, 58,  Portsmouth, New Hampshire US

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Honest, creative, experienced, intelligent, very dominant, and a sadist.  

I’m again rewriting this profile in the hope that it will explain what I am looking for and who I am.
Nothing in this profile is meant to criticize what anyone else is looking for or what they want, only to explain what I do and do not seek.
I seek a slave.

I am honest, creative, experienced, very intelligent, very dominant, and a sadist.
I seek a slave.

I am not looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, not monogamous, or lovin and huggin.
I seek a slave.

I am not looking for a sex slave, a toy, or a dungeon slave or a party slave or a pain slave or a work slave but a total slave. Any of those things would be up to me not you. A sub on this site said in his profile that he called himself bi but really was not comfortable doing so because he was a slave and all else was up to his owner, I liked that way of looking at it.

I am not looking to talk anyone into being my slave, because I want someone that really wants what I offer, no more and no less. Do I want a happy slave, yes absolutely, not a slave that I will work to keep happy, one that will be happy with the life I offer.

I do not think of a slave as a worthless piece of trash but a very precious possession. I think subs on this site honestly looking are one in a thousand, slaves on this site honestly looking are one in a thousand or ten thousand, and a slave looking for the extreme total power exchange I seek certainly no more than one in a million. That is precious if not priceless. I am not into destroying or smashing up my favorite possessions, I like to enjoy them use them and have total control over them but I take care of them, such would be your fate.

I could never be what I am asking for here, and am not sure I can fully understand the mind of the slave that seeks the extreme, but I try. I believe you must draw your reason for being from being controlled, from serving and pleasing, that desire to serve, and please is critical. You must enjoy pain, you will be mine to play with when I wish and I am a sadist, a creative, fun loving and experienced sadist. I take great pride in how much pain I can dish out with very little damage done, I guess that is the sane sadist version of striving for perfection.

You should be honest, intelligent, polite, hard working, looking for TPE, and ready to be a full time live in 1800 traditional farm slave.  Think of what it was like to be a slave in acient Rome or Greece, it was not about the sex.  Spartan conditions, strict rules, severe discipline, and long workdays. Ditch digging, farm work, cutting wood, yard work, cleaning, housework, torture toy and anything else you are told. You will lick, suck and swallow anything you are told. Do not focus on the dungeon time or sex, that will represent only a small but important part of your life.

Can you picture yourself in 1805 learning that your grandmother was a black slave, learning when there is a knock on the door and you are taken away from your home in chains. Your protests get you a knock down slap across the face followed by a dirty rag stuffed in your mouth and held in with a rough piece of rope. Your owner a local land owner arrives to get you, he does a quick and rough examination of his property then puts a hood over your head, hog ties you and has you thrown in the back of his wagon. At the farm you are striped and very roughly and very completely examined. You are sexually abused, if you are female you are almost certainly raped (for the first of many times). Hung by your wrists you are taught your place, and then begin learning the rules you are to live by from the tip of your master’s whip. You now see the life that rests ahead for you. Is it a life for you?

We are talking about a truly tough life with strict total control. You will be trained as required, trained hard, and used hard.

A contract will be required, it will clearly spell out any limits and clearly spell out your station in life. I require a long term or permanent commitment, we are both going to put a lot of effort and time into this if it is to happen and you should be ready to serve no less than one year, of course I prefer a permanent contract. Young or old, male or female, you must be ready to build your life around pleasing and serving a master no matter what is asked of you. Are you ready to make your goal in life to be a prized possession? Are you ready to not only give your body but to focus your life, dreams, and desires around serving and pleasing your Master. This is not one size fits all, remember all that is above, if you are a pain slut, seek verbal humiliation, or long term caging that is part of what I want to know about you and will effect how you are trained and used. That is not the same as a promise or limit, it is me understanding you and you me.

I seek one slave at this time or a slave couple, I may add another later or I may not. You may be expected to work in the vanilla world and help support those back on the farm, or you may spend your life on the farm. This is a country slave position, not in a harem, or clubs, or parties.

Be real, intelligent, brave and ready to do as you are told.

Read it again, I mean it, not for the weak of heart, body or sprit. IF it is not what you are looking for that's fine, best of luck to you and please look elsewhere.

Write be polite and proper.


Journal Entries:
9/3/2017 2:31:26 AM
I have been off for a couple of months.  I thought I found the property I was looking for,  but...
We were not really looking for the same thing so I am back.

5/24/2015 3:27:33 AM
A bit of disclosure.
As I have said before I hate the online part of this, it seems like such a waste of a huge amount of time.
When I am online I do talk to multible potential slaves at the same time.  When it looks like it may work and it is time to meet I drop off the online time a focus on that one potential slave.  
Just coming back online after a couple of months effort.  Good person, not really ready for TPE or a real sadist.  Best of luck though.
I am exactly what my profile says, I have never blocked anyone and I do not runaway, but I can only handle the online part of this in limited doses.
Back and looking again.

3/2/2015 4:35:19 AM
As I have said many times I hate the Cyber online part of this.  I am looking for real time only.  After several months of being online a ton and a rt meeting I had high hopes for not working.  Nice slave but not really ready for TPE or a sadist.  So I took a few months off.  I am back and will try to pick back up with some I had talked with.  I am still looking for a 24/7/365 TPE slave,  I am a sadist.  Read the profile, it really will give you a good feel for who I am.  The online part is not a plus with me, it is a real negative.

11/6/2014 8:20:29 AM
I response to the occasional "your a fake" message I am going to load several pics.  
The second is a "slave"  I have played with, he is willing to continue to meet, but only looking for sessions and light to moderate pain.  Not what I am looking for.

The third and 4th are a slave I met with and really hoped would become mine, but he is a thousand miles away and I guess the move was too much  of a change.  I think he would have worked out great but oh well.  

The 5th 6th and 7th are of a great young piece of meat I am curettly talking too and would like to own.  He is young "yes he is at least 18" and this will take time, not sure but it would be nice it it works out.  He is brave and willing to take mild to medium pain.  Hope for the best.

It may take a while to get all of these posted my wifi is soooo slow.

10/3/2014 7:09:26 AM
I am retired now and putting more time into making this happen.  So close again and again but still looking.

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